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Home trends and interior style constantly change and its easy to overlook upgrading your internal doors. The right door will make your guests feel comfortable and add to the interior design. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating a house or looking for replacement internal doors uk its important to choose the door that is right for you.

XL Joinery have been helping homeowners change the space they love for over 25 years. A leading supplier and one of the most respected names in the UK Builders and Retail market, they supply more than 400,000 doors every year.

LPD Doors offer the best choice and suit all tastes. Beautifully appealing, trendy and price sensitive… they are leading suppliers and have been distributing doors for 35 years. If you are looking for something great then Leeds Plywood & Doors promise you can expect more than just a door.

Shawfield Timber are leading suppliers to the joinery trade across the central belt of Scotland. Established for over 30 years they offer a complete service to joinery specialists with wood products, flooring and hardware.


One of the nation’s favourite building and furnishing materials, oak ensures your internal doors are always in style and bring a touch of reliable class to any room. Whether you prefer a modern design or like to see more traditional approaches to your interior design, oak is one of the best choices to make. Sturdy, strong, and long-lasting, these doors will stand the test of time. 

Available with many different finishes to be installed right from purchase, or unfinished to complete your own ideal look, choose an oak interior door to make your home complete.


Do your rooms need a touch more light to make your room shine? Rather than solid doors, why not look at our glazed interior doors? These are the perfect choice for anyone needing a door between rooms without losing any light between them. A glazed door can be used anywhere you would like, and we also stock obscure glass doors for places with more privacy needed such as bathrooms. The design possibilities with these doors are endless.

All of our glazed internal doors are fitted with toughened safety glass to ensure that your doors are as solid and secure as they can be.


The classic look of the panelled door is one that is loved and appreciated by many homeowners around the country. With so many different styles of panel designs available, the only difficulty you’ll have is choosing just one! If there is a certain style of natural wood finish or colour you need, you’ll almost certainly find it available in a panelled door.

With both solid panels and glazed options available, you’ll be sure to find something in our collection to wow your guests with every visit.


A smooth choice for any home, flush doors are built to withstand the wear and tear of the home. As their name suggests, flush doors are built with entirely smooth surfaces, making them perfect for fast cleaning and maintenance. Spill water and watch it wipe clean. They’re ideal for family homes and where space is minimal. The smooth wood finish means these are ideal for closets or entryways that would benefit from a pair of sliding internal doors.

Questions about our range of flush doors? Ask us today and we’ll find the perfect internal door for you.


The inexpensive option available for every budding interior designer. Moulded doors feature all the popular designs you know and love, without the additional costs that come with solid wood. These doors have the same great finish options available as their more expensive cousins, meaning that you can get the look you want for your cupboards, wardrobes, or living spaces for less.

Buy your new moulded internal doors from Shawfield Doors and enjoy your new-look home improvements.


The timeless classic: white doors. Guaranteed to stay in style, these doors fit in almost every home. Whether being used for bathrooms, lounges, or bedrooms, you’ll likely not find better than a beautifully finished white internal door. If you’re the creative type, these doors also make excellent blank canvases for more bold designs. Try a splash of colour and see where your room’s design takes you next.

From white louvre doors to stunning glazed designs, there’s a door for everyone here at Shawfield Doors.


Our range of stunning fire doors have both style and safety in mind. You can be sure that each fire door in our range is hand-picked for quality and excellent design. With choices even including glass panels, there will be a fire door in stock with us to suit your requirements.

These doors are both beautiful and safely follow fire door regulations. Buy your fire doors with confidence from us.


If space is at a premium, why not try a sliding door set? These are the ideal options for anyone wanting quality doors in spaces that cannot fit a standard hinged door. Get our expert help and advice if you are unsure what you need. We’re happy to help with all internal door queries at Shawfield Doors in Glasgow.


Effortlessly change the look and feel of your room with our range of bifold internal doors. They are the easy way to maintain your privacy while saving space and opening up your room to even more design possibilities. These doors are able to be used throughout the home both internally and externally, and are the door of choice for anybody looking for an easy-to-install, space-saving option. 

Open up your home and light up your room with these great doors from our fantastic suppliers.


At Shawfield Doors we are proud to bring you our ever-popular best-sellers: our own range of louvre doors. Internal louvre doors are as multi-purpose as they come, used for a number of purposes throughout the home. Wardrobes, kitchen cupboard doors, airing cupboards, and boiler houses: all suited to these versatile louvre doors. Our louvre doors are designed and supplied by us, bringing you all the quality and affordability our customers know and love.

Browse our pine and white louvre doors and with free delivery and same day dispatch available.

Even if you hire someone to do the work, it is always a good idea to have a basic understanding of what needs to be done. A contractor can probably replace a door within an hour and typically this type of project can be completed just about any time of year. In spite of this its best not to begin projects of this nature in the prior weeks to significant occasions, since you most likely need your home flawless if you intend to entertain.

Almost all doors are trimmed to fit the opening so on the off chance that your frame is not square you should consult a joiner. Standard door sizes fit most existing edges but some seasoned houses will have moved causing twists and turns in the door frame. Framing a door inaccurately can rapidly take away the value and beauty of a door. Using shoddy materials or frugal shortcuts can prompt damage on the door and can cost more over the long haul. Make a point to follow fitting directions precisely, or hire a professional when framing an entranceway.

Choosing the correct size of door is very important as there is typically a limit (we recommend no more than upto 6mm each side) to the amount you can trim a door. The first mistake a few people make when hanging a door is to begin fitting furniture (handles, hinges etc) before the door is trimmed. If you are ready to do it yourself please watch the instructional video on how to install an internal door by XL Joinery.



It’s vital to make the correct choice while picking a finish for an internal door. You’ll see them, open them and close them every day so it’s fundamental to take as much time as needed to survey your alternatives.

Unfinished doors require a protective coating before installation. They might be somewhat cheaper to purchase, but you will need to varnish, stain, wax or paint them yourself. There are innumberable finish decisions, everything from a characteristic oak look with a matt or delicate glossy satin sheen to something uncommon or unique. Finish your door exactly as you desire.

Prefinished doors get a stain to draw out the features and improve the characteristic look of the timber. You completely avoid the hassle of finishing and know the door will look good for a considerable length of time. Ready to install.

MDF / Engineered
Most internal doors are made of medium density fiberboard. MDF as it’s called is an engineered product, so it’s very stable and won’t warp like wood. It also doesn’t have any grain, so it’s entirely smooth and very easy to paint.

Hollow core
Hollow core doors are usually made of plywood or molded composite skin. The inside of the door panel is hollow so sound and temperatures can pass through the door more easily. Not as effective in security, fireproofing, weatherproofing and insulation as a solid door, but are significantly cheaper.

Solid core
A solid core door has an external layer made of a molded composite or plywood. However, a solid core door is filled with a wood fiber blend. These doors have much better sound proofing and temperature control qualities than a hollow core door. Can be made from a wide variety of hard and soft woods including: cherry, mahogany, maple and pine. Solid wood can shrink and expand with changing humidity and temperatures, so it’s best not to use solid wood doors for a bathroom, sauna or other damp setting.

*If you require more information please contact us directly.

Standing the test of time oak doors suit both conventional and present day designs and remains a firm top choice.

An authentic alluring look. Pine doors add character and comfort to a room.

Hardwood doors appeal to individuals who lean toward traditional style.

The charm of walnut doors in interior design continues to become more popular. Rich warmth and sophisticated, highly recommended for minimalistic contemporary style décor.

Give your home a new life. A door may appear to be a practical and unexciting part of the house, but the right internal door won’t just supplement function. The ideal door can enhance the decorating theme and serve as a focal point in any room.


All the styles you know and love under one roof.

A traditional style of internal door works perfectly in any room. These are the tried and tested designs that we know and love with some of our best-selling designs featuring the traditional styles of panelling, glazing, and finishes we see most often in our homes. Trusted by families and businesses across the country, these doors are the perfect gateways to your home’s cherished spaces.

For those wanting a style of door that can be adapted for any room, our traditional styles are the ideal choice. Browse our full range now.



Doors that move with you.

Our contemporary range of doors perfectly capture the sophistication and quality of design that you would expect from this sleek collection’s name. These doors come in a variety of finishes and styles that feature bold, clean lines and defined designs. Though these styles are ever changing, each door is designed and built to last.

Each contemporary interior door from us is guaranteed to be of the quality you expect for your home. Browse the full range and find your perfect door.



Designs for the modern home.

Keep your home looking fresh with one of our immaculate modern internal doors. This collection of modern styled doors is ideal for the homeowner who loves their home to look on-trend with timeless designs that stay true to simple, elegant modern design. From crisp white panelled internal doors to stunning chocolate grey wood grain finishes, these doors pack real character in their simple design.

Browse our full collection of modern doors and see just what kinds of designs you can find to give your home the update it deserves.



Classic design, redefined.

Think of any home you’ve visited, and it’s likely you’ll have seen at least one stunning colonial style door. Defined by their classic designs that often feature raised edge panels to display their simple but effective signature style. Within our range you will also find doors featuring beautiful glazed glass panelling, making these perfect choice to let light between your rooms and keep your interior space bright.

Whether you are on the search for something you are used to or wanting something a little new, a colonial style door could be the choice for you. Browse our hand-picked range today.



Out with the new, in with the old. 

Classic, rustic interior design is back and our rustic styled doors embrace everything that we love about natural wood textures. They keep it simple in design and focus more on the pine or oak finish. Rustic doesn’t have to mean rough – each of our doors is designed with the final product in mind, meaning your new doors will be just as you picture. All of our prefinished doors are ready to be installed, while our unfinished doors make ideal blank canvases for you to make your designs come to life.

Browse the full rustic interior doors range today.



Doors that are fit for a Queen.

Victorian doors are the ideal choice for anyone looking for the perfect wooden door to complete their home. Characterised by their dark, bold and rich colourations with Gothic inspiration, these doors keep your home design simple and classic. With multiple finishes available and plenty of potential, your new doors will be the perfect new design features in your home.

View all of our Victorian interior doors today and find the style that’s right for you.



Style your home your own way.

Take your internal door designs to the next level with our industrial styled interior doors. These are ideal for anyone who loves the industrial look of a plain panelled door that can be adapted for any look or can be used just as they are. 

For a great door built to last, browse our range of industrial style doors now.

Our doors are covered by manufacturer warranty for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. During the warranty period we exchange or refund any door that is proven to have a material or manufacturing fault.

In the unlikely event of a warranty claim becoming necessary, please contact us immediately and provide the following details:

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • Original invoice with date of purchase
  • Product description, door type
  • Description of defect
  • Photographic evidence

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