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Welcome to our bespoke door ordering service, where your unique vision meets expert craftsmanship.

Many of the doors featured on our website are available as made-to-measure options, allowing you to tailor them to your exact preferences.

Choose from a wide selection of styles, materials, and finishes, and let our trusted suppliers bring your dream door to life.

Made To Measure, The Process

Take a look below at our huge range of customisable doors for ideas.

Let us know your precise measurements and preferred door style, including the model and finish. 

We will confirm pricing and the expected lead time, and once payment is processed, our super suppliers will begin drawing up detailed design drawings.

Once you have signed off and approved the drawings, the expert craftsmen will begin the manufacturing process.

Once complete we will arrange the delivery or collection of the finished product.

At Shawfield Doors we’ll keep you updated and informed every step of the way.

Get in touch now to start the process.

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Let us know exactly what you need, and one of our specialists will be in touch as soon as possible to help you with your dream door.

Take a look at our wide selection of doors available for bespoke ordering below for inspiration.

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Our Most Popular Doors Available To Be Made To Measure

Bespoke Doors – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bespoke or made-to-measure door?

A bespoke or made-to-measure door is a door that is custom-crafted to fit specific measurements. It’s tailored to your exact requirements, making it unique to your space.

What is the process of ordering a Bespoke Door?

The initial phase involves you supplying us with your precise measurements and specifying your preferred door style, including the model and finish if you have one in mind.
We will then forward this to our suppliers.
They will send us details on price and expected lead time, and if acceptable to you then we will take payment and start the order process.
The supplier will then create detailed design drawings. After you have thoroughly reviewed and approved the drawings, they will commence the manufacturing phase of your bespoke door.
We will keep you updated throughout this process and when the doors are finished, we will arrange collection or delivery.

What types of doors can be made to measure?

Virtually any type of door can be made to measure, including entrance doors, interior doors, patio doors, and more. The level of customization can vary based on the supplier’s capabilities. All the doors that are available for customisation on our website are shown in the attached section.

How do I measure for a made-to-measure door?

Accurate measurements are crucial. Measure the width, height, and thickness of the space where the door will be installed. If unsure, consult with your supplier or have a professional measure for you.

Are made-to-measure doors more expensive than standard doors?

Bespoke doors are typically more expensive than standard, off-the-shelf doors due to the customised design and manufacturing process. The cost may vary based on your choices.

Can I make changes to my order after it's been placed?

It’s essential to finalize your design and specifications during the ordering process. Once production has started, making significant changes may lead to delays or additional costs.

How long does it take to receive a bespoke door?

Good things come to those who wait! Lead times for bespoke doors can vary depending on the complexity of your design, the materials used, and the supplier’s production schedule. We estimate that our bespoke doors will take between 18 to 24 weeks to be delivered, this lead time will be advised before an order is confirmed.

Are made-to-measure doors returnable if they don't fit or if I change my mind?

Typically, made-to-measure doors are not returnable if the measurements were provided incorrectly or if you change your mind about the design or aesthetics. It’s essential to double-check all measurements and design choices before placing your order to ensure that the door meets your exact specifications and preferences.

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