You Won’t Believe These Are Doors!

Secret doors we can’t believe are real.

It’s a classic trope in cartoons we all love to imagine is real: the hidden doorway behind a bookcase, only opened by finding that one ominous book on a shelf that isn’t covered in dust. It always sounded too mystical to be true, but you wouldn’t believe that they really exist! Some fun-loving (and we dare say secretive!) interior designers have gone the extra mile with their visions, finding a number of ways to hide entryways throughout their homes.

Some of these ideas seem almost too good to be true, while others are just plain wacky – here’s some of our top picks for doors that we couldn’t believe were actually doorways. We kind of want to find ways to have them all in our homes.

Picture-Perfect Doorways

We’ve all seen those huge posters at the cinema promoting all the newest releases – and likely have wanted to take the ones for our own favourites home, too! Some bright-minded interior designers have taken this idea to heart and come up with an interesting way of using these in their homes without making them stand out too much. Introducing a movie buff-turned-spy’s new favourite home decor: the framed poster hidden doorway.


This huge poster is simply cooler than cool, and hiding a door behind it is genius. It’s hard to notice the frame when taking a first glance – the only piece of the door itself that remains visible is the outer edge at the floor’s skirting board. When passing by we’d be too taken by the poster to even consider looking further down to see what’s hidden away.


It’s amazing what placing a frame over a doorway can do. It would be perfect for a home cinema set-up. Time to re-watch some classic James Bond films. 


Ideas Not To Be Shelved

It wouldn’t be right to leave the old tried and tested ideas off our list. Here they are – the classic hidden internal doors we’ve come to know and love from all sorts of media.

Whether it’s been through cartoons or books, there’s always something wonderful about those hidden hideaways stored behind bookshelves. This one in particular is a favourite of ours for the additional decoration that really lends to the secrecy.

Rather than halving the books to keep room for the door, this example cleverly makes the doorway into a fully functional addition to the library. It can’t hurt to pluck a novel or two from the shelves and carry them through to a secret little snug to escape from the hustle and bustle of family life for a while, can it?

These doors aren’t just reserved for that one episode of Scooby Doo – and we wish we had one, too.

Descending Staircases

Now here’s something you don’t see every day that’s plucked straight from some kind of elaborate spy movie. Though most of us don’t have our own personal Batcave to play with, some people do have underground spaces that they’ve found they can easily adapt genius ways of climbing down to. 

Wine cellars are a popular usage of additional space in the home and one that many of us without them are pretty jealous of. This fantastic idea, however, really keeps the room out of the way and with an amazing finish too. Placing the staircase directly under the flooring and away from any other walls leaves only the option to place a door in the floor itself, and the effect is flawless. With only the hinges left visible, it’s hard to believe anyone would notice this door.

Maybe that’s why it’s called the ‘floor’: short for ‘flat door’… We’ll see ourselves out.

Not Just For Wizards…

There’s more than one way to make use of your staircases, and for many that’s with that tiny cupboard underneath. (Reminds us of a certain boy wizard, now we think about it…)

While not exactly as glamorous as a full-sized room hidden away under the staircase, there’s a lot that can be said about hiding away the cupboard under the stairs.

Sometimes keeping it simple like this example is best, creating a hidden away area for the kids to play in, or you can go the more extreme route…


… Now this is taking the concept far further than we could have imagined, and the final effect is amazing. Using the staircase itself as a door, you get much easier access to the space below without being restricted by as much of the door’s height and odd angles.

Opening up this door would probably make you feel superhuman – we’d love to give it a try.




Optical Illusions

Possibly the ultimate in hidden-away doors and spaces are those that are less ‘hiding away in the obvious’, and instead create an optical illusion that leaves us feeling particularly puzzled. Browsing Instagram, we found a perfect example of this and just had to include it on our list as we really couldn’t believe this was a door for a cupboard!


Big enough to fit a grown man, yet it still looks like there’s only the depth we see on the door itself. It’s a seriously impressive piece of kit, playing on our eyes while just looking downright cool.

Style Your Home Your Way

If we had the space and budget, we’d be trying our hand at our own fun and interesting secret hideaways and doors, but hopefully these ideas have inspired you too. Have any fun design ideas in mind for your next project? Let us know!

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