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Which door finish is right for me?

Not sure where to start with your search for the perfect finish? Take a look at our quick guide to all things finishes for your inspiration.

Shopping for the perfect door can be as simple or complex as you like. There’s a number of factors to consider; which style and shape fits with your home, the sizes available, if it can be cut to size, and – perhaps most visually important – the finish. Without the right finish, your room can be left looking a little unfinished or, worse, missing that bit of a spark that it could gain from a splash of colour.

The task of finding the right door finish doesn’t need to be overly complicated, and we’ve put together a simple guide to finding the right finish for your home.

Running To The Finish Line

If you are a little less into the DIY aspect of applying your own finish, don’t fret! Many doors today can be bought pre-finished, meaning that you do not need to apply your own protective finish.

This can be a great alternative for those without the space or time to apply their own, and there is the additional benefit of being able to have your doors ready to hang up as soon as they arrive. 

At Shawfield Doors, we stock a number of doors with fantastic finishes already applied. Natural wood is always our most popular choice, but for those who enjoy a brighter entrance to the room, our range of white finished internal doors could be the ideal choice for you and your family.

shawfield timber glasgow doors on display

Our door display area showcasing Glasgow’s best selection of internal doors.

Sp-oil-ed for choice

(Terrible pun, we know, but true!) The best finish you can – and should! – apply to any unfinished door is a door oil. Available in a variety of colours, these oils are made to protect your doors from both the elements and everything your family can throw at them.

The advantage of applying oil to your doors is that, unlike paint or varnish, you won’t be worrying about any chip damage or flaking. Door oil soaks into the wood itself, leaving behind a smooth dry surface while protecting the wood.

What’s more, oils allow the wood to be protected from drying out and damages from splitting. Though it can’t prevent major damages, this is a fantastic benefit over any unfinished door. Door oil is available in a number of shades to allow you to either keep a natural look to the wood, or give it a slight colour stain to the shade you desire.

We have a great stock of Osmo clear door oil here at Shawfield Doors in Glasgow, a favourite choice for our customers.

Colourful Additions to Your Rooms

The natural wood look not quite your thing? We hear you! Your doors can be customised however you like, and that applies to your finishes! We always recommend applying a door oil to an unfinished door, but once this has been done, you don’t need to stop there. Specialist wood paint is available to make your dream door designs into a reality, and there’s a number of benefits to choosing paint!

Glossy or satin door paint is designed to be both a great splash of colour and provide protection. Water stains and grubby fingerprints are easily wiped away for ease of cleaning and general maintenance, and with so many colours to choose from, it’s not hard to see why paint can be the way to go.

You don’t need to stick with just white – choose from black, red, blue, even pink! We’ve seen a lot of different types in all our years of experience. Don’t let your creativity be subdued – choose a great-quality paint and have your home looking fantastic in no time.

It’s In The Materials

Wooden doors all have a unique quality to them. They can be left to have their natural wood-grain look and feel, or they can be painted to suit with a glossy or matte finish. However, there aren’t just wood-grain doors available.

Others can be purchased with surfaces that are ultra-smooth to the touch, created with PVC, or even metal. They give their own incredibly unique feel to a room, and can be available in multiple styles.

Take a look and see what you can find!

Choose The Perfect Finish With Shawfield Doors

No matter what finish you choose, you can be sure to find the right door and supplies right here at Shawfield Doors. No question is too big or small for our team, so whether it’s a question about which paint to buy or if your door oil can be used on furniture (in most instances, yes!) we are more than happy to answer.

Email us or visit us in-store at our Rutherglen showroom for more information and to view Glasgow’s best range of doors.

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