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What Your Door Colour Says About You

Using feng shui to choose your door’s new colours.

There’s more than first meets the eye to choosing the right colour for your doors. With more and more of us choosing to move away from traditional colours and styles for more unique decor, there’s a lot to consider about both style and colour. The wrong colour paired with an unflattering design may be more detrimental to the room than you might think. 

Taking inspiration from feng shui, we’ve taken a look at what your design choices may say about you and your home. Following these could make it easier to understand just which colour, or colours, you would like to use.

What is feng shui?

To put it simply, feng shui is an art originating from China that revolves around the placement of furnishings in your home. Having the right and wrong items placed in the wrong spaces can have a negative impact on your life – from a decrease in your luck to your health. There has to be harmony in the home, and following feng shui you may just be able to get some ideas that you would never have thought of before! 

Did you know that something as simple as where you door is placed in your room can have an effect on the feel it leaves behind? According to feng shui, your doors are a vital part of your room, and we can only agree. The doorway is the entrance to your room, but it can also serve as a main focal point too. What better way to make your door stand out than to align it with your room’s decor and find the ideal colour to truly set off your perfect look? As internal doors experts in Glasgow, you can trust our advice on helping you find the right styles.

Colour By Colour

So, now for the fun part – choosing the colour of your internal doors! We recommend just about every colour for your home as the decision is all up to you, but this mini guide on what certain colours can mean might help sway you one way or another if you are struggling to choose just one.

Soft Pink

Soft, fun, and inviting. Pink is a great choice for more a more gentle approach, while also bringing forth feelings of love and affection into the home. Coupled with an interior that is filled with more neutrals, a pink door can be an invitation into a room that is welcoming to all.

Vibrant Red

The colour red has always been associated with strength and authority. That is no different when used on internal doors. Choosing red doors signifies that the homeowner has a lot of pride in their home and that they are always looking to make a strong statement. (It also looks great in rooms with darker paint!)

Luxurious Purple

Much like a pink door, the colour purple is one of the most inviting of the bunch and is a great choice for those wishing to convey a more spiritual side to themselves. If you are a fan of softer and more vibrant colours and want to tie them together in your room, this could be the perfect choice.


Bright, fun, and charming; that’s what shades of aqua and turquoise bring to any room they’re introduced to. You can show off a carefree side to yourself with a door that speaks volumes for you without being overbearing.

Sea Blue

A little stronger than aqua and moving closer to those who prefer to show their strength of knowledge with an edge of sophistication. Blue internal doors are perfect for anyone who wants to spruce up their home with a little more colour while staying true to themselves.

Organic Green

Much like the plant-life it takes its colour from, green is perfect to draw feelings of harmony with nature and holds a unique healing energy in itself. When paired with blues throughout the room and some purples, you also get a beautiful peacock aesthetic that yells about your creative side.

Sunshine Yellow

Bright and bubbly, there’s nothing quite like yellow to brighten any room and mood! It’s sunshine in a colour. Giving your room a yellow door is bold, choosing a more vibrant shade even more so.

Warm Neutrals

Natural shades are as popular as ever, choosing to hold on to warm feelings and signifies a room that doesn’t wish to stand out too much from the crowd. Lighter shades are more inviting while darker shades tend to make more of an impact. Natural wood colours can be preserved with the right varnishes and oils.


The traditional favourite everyone loves that fits in with every home. White is the colour of purity and also one of safety, which lends itself perfectly to being used on doors. With the right white paint finish your door will be timeless, and is ideal for any other future changes you may wish to make.


A tone that speaks of a protective nature while remaining bold in a lighter room, the choice of black doors can look incredible when used around other colours or if it is made to melt into its surroundings. Your rooms will speak volumes with doors painted this way. Add a splash of white or gold details for a bold, fresh take.

There’s a whole rainbow of possibilities for you to browse through for your doors and you don’t have to stick to this guide! Use one colour, two, maybe even three – it’s all up to you depending on how you wish your room to look. Fancy a red door in a blue room? If it works for you, go for it!

Take your time with your choices and know that you can always change your doors’ appearances in future. A fresh coat of paint now and then could be just the decor refresh your home needs.

Ask The Experts

Finishing your door can be quite a task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult! At Shawfield Doors we have all of the supplies and expert knowledge you may need to make your doors look just how you’d like them to.

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