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The Last-minute Christmas Gift Guide For DIY Lovers

Surprise your loved ones with the gifts they really want this year. From the latest DIY trends to useful gadgets, there’s something for everyone.

Christmas is one of the best and arguably worst times of the year for many reasons! While we love a great celebration and time spent with our families, there’s always the busy hustle and bustle of getting everything ready for each of our loved ones. Finding the perfect gift seems to be the biggest concern, and it’s no surprise! What if they’ve found the perfect gift for you while you’re still floundering and trying to figure out what to get for them?

No need to fret for the DIY lover in your life – we’ve brought together some of our favourite gift ideas for a little bit of Christmas inspiration. Whether they love installing new internal doors or just getting to fix odds and ends around the house, there’s something out there for everyone.

Tech The Halls!

There seems to be a modern solution for just about everything these days, and for good reason! With more of us relying on technology to make jobs easier to complete, there’s a number of solutions being made available that help with a lot of things they couldn’t have before.

New solutions are being found for everyday problems, especially with great new tech that we can’t help but love!

One of our favourite gifts for any DIY enthusiast has to be heavy-duty gloves with built-in touchscreen compatible fingertips. In the middle of winter it can be a pain to do any outdoor work without gloves, and with how much we rely on smartphones for calls, messaging, maps, and guides, there’s a necessity to having an easier way to keep our hands safe from both the cold and work tools.

These gloves help solve two problems easily, making their work easier in the process. It’s a great way to say you care about them and value all their hard work.

Gifts For Garden DIY-ers

Got somebody who’s really proud of their decking area? We do too! It’s one of those DIY projects that can last a lifetime, but there’s always something that can be done to help with the maintenance of it.

If you aren’t as familiar with outdoor decking, you may be a little more stuck with what to think you could add to make their lives a little easier. Fear not – we’ve thought of some great gifts that may just fit what they are looking for!

What better gift is there than one that is practical and thinking ahead to what they may need?

Anyone with timber decking will be thinking about the next time they have to clean, oil, and paint them to keep them looking brand new. The expense associated with this yearly maintenance, however, can be a little bit of a draw back.

That’s where your gift could come in handy! A 5L container of Cuprinol Decking Oil is the perfect gift idea for anyone who may be needing that helping hand with their decking maintenance.

Simple and easy to apply, it’s perfect for that little lift heading from winter through into summer while keeping decking boards looking clean, fresh, and kept protected from the elements. 

More of a green thumb? Garden planters make a fantastic choice too, particularly solid wood ones. They can last far longer than standard plastic planters, making them an excellent choice if you are looking for something they can use for longer than just one gardening season. They’re perfect decorative pieces for decking areas, too – it’s the ideal two-in-one kind of gift for any garden lover!

Presents To Finish A Perfect Christmas

Some of us love the more decorative aspects of DIY projects! If there’s a painter or decorator in particular in your list of loved ones, why not take a look at some gifts that would make their lives easier? It can be the simplest gifts that resonate the most with us, and a kind thought towards making their life that little bit easier could be the gift they didn’t know they needed. 

A brand new paintbrush and some other assorted gifts could be just the kind of gift they would love and appreciate. Take one of these Osmo flat brushes for example. They are ideal for a number of projects and can be applied for various purposes. From painting new doors to applying wood oil or varnish, the 2” bristles are thicker than normal paintbrushes and perfect for picking up thicker oils or paint.

The All-Round DIY Expert

Not quite sure exactly what in particular you’d like to get when your loved one is a bit of a jack of all trades? The easiest gift to think of would be something like a multi-use tool!

These come in all shapes and sizes – some even have novelty factors. Ideas for these people could range from the likes of a new set of paintbrushes, drills, or any assortment of tools that may fit well with their fields of expertise. 

Our personal pick for somebody who is in this category would have to be a brand new tool kit. This could be almost any kind, depending on what your loved one’s preferences are for the jobs they do and/or brands they favour. If you are struggling for a certain kind, why not invest in gift vouchers instead?

These can also be a great idea for the more indecisive gift giver too (we’re guilty of this at the best of times!). You don’t need to worry too much over one exact gift, and this acts as a gift that could be multiple in one! Go on – treat them!

Gifts For Everyone At Shawfield Doors

It’s a great time of year for spoiling our friends and family, and at Shawfield Doors we want to help you find only the best gifts to fit on your loved ones’ lists this Christmas. For everything you need wrapped up, head over to Shawfield Doors. We’ll help you find whatever you need for all those post-Christmas repairs and Springtime jobs once the festive season is through.

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