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The Colours You Need In Your Home This Christmas

Take a look at the coolest colours this festive season.

It’s time for a new season update for winter, and with the turn of the weather comes a whole host of new interior design ideas. The most important part of any design trend is to pay attention to colours. Colour is easily adaptable into any other style, whether this be looking to find an update to your internal doors or just to some of your home accessories. Changing up how our homes look is possibly one of our favourite parts of the way the seasons turn, and maybe that’s just us loving any excuse to buy into some new accessories not only for ourselves but for our homes too.

Find out below which colours have made it onto the radars of experts in the interior design field this Christmas 2019. You may find yourself surprised…

Bright, Bold, Beautiful

This year has been a great one, and top stylists are looking to see the year out with a bang. Where most may look to winter and think of cooler hues, this year we are looking to vibrant warm colours, mainly the brave and bold. This brighter colour range is not always associated with the winter season, but if used properly it will be able to lend itself to your home’s appeal throughout the colder months ahead and beyond.

If you are wanting to use these colours further into the future, they are more than able to see you through to the following spring. It’s all about showing off the warmth in your house to break away from the muted outdoors as frost settles. Melt the winter blues with just the right selections for you.

Fire In The Snow

If you want to take full advantage of this season’s style, look out for hints of bright, warm red. More vibrant reds can’t help but look and feel nostalgic to us all, reminding us of that jolly man who delivers our presents on Christmas Eve night, red holly berries, the nose of a very special reindeer, and even the stripes on a traditional minty candy cane. It’s great when used as both an accent colour and a main focus in a room. Our eyes can’t help but be drawn towards it in any room that has more focus on cooler, lighter tones. Try mixing red with some more earthy tones or natural greens for a truly Christmassy touch.

New year, new reds? Yes please!

Winter Warmers

With the weather outside getting more frightful by the day, you’ll want something much more delightful to keep you cosy, and a splash of warm colour could be your best bet. If red isn’t quite your style, other warm shades could prove to be the seasonal uplift your home has been calling out for.

Take orange as a bold, beautiful example of a colour that makes itself known in any room. We’re talking about the striking, almost highlighter-bright orange for accents to pillows and ornaments, even the odd throw cover if you are feeling especially flamboyant. 

Orange branches into a lot of different tones however, and if you aren’t quite sold on a brighter style in your household, why not take a look at some of the more natural tones on offer this season?


Rust Is The New Silver

Working off of this season’s trend towards oranges comes some more brown-toned, earthy shades that really set a room apart despite their more low-key nature. There’s nothing quite like decorating with natural colours you can find in most objects, no less in many wood products. Opt for a darker wood like walnut or a darker chestnut for something a little different to the usual pine timber to bring around an entirely new look to your room – you’d be surprised how many people overlook changing something like the wood material of their furniture. If you can give any fabric pieces a switch-around too, you may surprise yourself with just how different your room can look in a great way.

Snowflake-Soft Hues

Though we all love a moment to be bold, there’s always room for some softness too. Much like the soft snow outside (or at least the snow in our favourite Christmas movies… ours is more like slush!) there are some shades coming through this season that prove a much, much softer alternative for those who prefer their homes to have a much gentler approach to design. Soft, feather-light colours like a white-toned blue work well either on their own or mixed with some of the more vibrant warm colours used this season. 

Much like a candle’s flame, these lighter colours are a perfect compliment to the brighter fire, lighting up a room and lifting away any hints of frost. When coupled with cool colours, however, it does manage to create a beautiful blend of opposites by maintaining a warmer touch among the more icey themes it may be beside. Try adding a few more muted tones around your home and see what sort of effect they have for you. A much softer, more practical touch at Christmas is our cup of tea.

A Little Cool Contrast

If you really, really don’t want to lean to warmer colours, we hear you – they’re not for everybody! A selection of cool colours have still managed to make themselves more prominent this season, and they are the best match for anyone who would rather have their home be a little cooler to match the outdoors. Or if you just really like cool colours, we’re all different!

Bring a little bit of winter indoors with a mix of dark forest greens and some denim blue. Together they create the perfect imagery of a frost-covered forest. Mix in some more pale shades of blue or accents of shimmering silverware for a true touch of chilly, festive cheer in the home. We particularly love silver ornaments on our Christmas trees when we are working with a cool palette. Add some white fairy lights and watch your home brighten up in a flash.

For a beautiful, night-time winter scene sort of feeling, opt for a gorgeous galaxy blue instead. It can be a fantastic contrast in any room that needs a striking accent colour without going bright. Coupled with other cooler colours in season, your home will look perfectly magical – perfect for the season.

How To use These Colours

Now that you know which colours are ‘in’ this season, just how can you use them to create the ideal home in the lead-up to Christmas? For many people it’s as simple as updating some furnishings and other bits and pieces around the home. Pillows, blankets, ornaments, and other items can all be updated for the festive season, giving a fresh new perspective on your home’s design as a whole. The little changes here and there are always impactful if done right.

It’s not just in the furnishings that you can use this season’s colours. In fact, other household areas could benefit from a brightening up during the cold as well. Is there anything more inviting than a front door that screams ‘fun’ long before it’s even been knocked? Why not look not only to your furniture and walls but to the doorways too for festive inspiration? Adding this season’s colours to a wreath – or if you’re feeling brave, in an all-over repaint of the door itself – could add just the splash of colour your rooms are sorely needing. Internal doors are often overlooked in design, and they can provide quite the canvas to create some drama in any room. Why not take a look at the latest door trends to see where you can adapt your designs?

Keep Up With The Trends At Shawfield Doors

Your Glasgow door experts are always on top of the latest trends with each new season. You can count on us to keep you up to date and in the know. If you are looking to give your home an upgrade to either internal or external doors, add some fantastic decking, or just give your woodwork a fresh new finish, visit us at our Glasgow showroom or view our range online and find the best timber solutions for you.

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