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Reasons To ‘Louvre’ These Doors

Get the facts about one of our favourite types of door.

We admit it: there are some styles of doors that we just can’t deny are our favourites, and we know that you have your favourites too! What makes interior design so interesting is that everyone wants something different out of their home, meaning that having favourites always shows in the home. For us, louvre doors are one of those kinds that continue to impress wherever they are used.

When we think of the doors we want in our homes we always think about quality first. That’s why we love our range of louvre doors, built with our customers in mind. Haven’t thought of using them before? We’re here with the run-down of reasons to ‘louvre’ these doors alongside some amazing inspiration!

Use As You Like

What makes the perfect door is one that is able to be used for more than one area of the home. Sure, we all love things that server their single purpose, but there’s something special about buying an item that can be used and reused across the home. A coat of paint, some varnish, and voila – you’ve got doors that are perfect to use around your house.


Most louvre doors are used for wardrobes, kitchen cupboards, cabinets, and airing cupboards. The slatted design not only obscures vision into the space behind to maintain privacy, but they also allow for the free flow of air in and out of the space. That makes them perfect for housing boilers too. We recommend these doors above solid ones for the breathibility alone.



Affordable Style

Your new louvre doors don’t have to cost a fortune. We know that the thought of purchasing doors can bring some anxiety as many people think that they are an expensive investment. Louvre doors, however, are one of the most affordable kinds. Being used for the likes of wardrobes and cupboards means that our customers often need to buy more of these, and we keep our prices low to accommodate everyone. If we wouldn’t be happy paying it, neither should you.

Louvre doors have a charm about them that we can’t compare to any other style – they’re a style of door that holds its own to stand out in the crowd. With these doors being more within budget for beginner DIY enthusiasts, why not see where you could use your new louvre doors?

Made To last

A louvre door is built to stand the test of time. Each one made at Shawfield Doors is lovingly crafted with only the best pine wood. As a business, we have over 40 years of experience in the timber industry, so we’ve learned a thing or two about quality wood products. Trust us to bring you pine and white louvre doors in Glasgow that will be as durable as you need them to be.

The only difference between our white and pine louvre doors is the finish, meaning you can choose the doors that are right for you. Our pine louvre doors are unfinished – meaning you can stain, paint, or varnish your doors to achieve the look you want for less. You could even paint a rainbow!

The white louvre doors are finished with a beautiful white colouration that is smooth to the touch and ready to hang from the moment you get them. They are ideal for anyone wanting ready-to-install doors.

Customise Your Way

There are so many ways you can switch up how your louvre doors look. Even something as simple as applying a new coat of paint can make a world of difference. We have seen dazzling doors painted striking shades of red, green, and even blue – there’s no end to what you could create with your blank canvases. If detail is more your thing, why not look into using small details of gold or silver to bring your designs to life? Whatever you want to do, you can achieve it with our louvre doors.

We looked around and found some great uses of louvre doors beyond using them as doors. (How often can we say that about other doors?!) Some genius designers have come up with some imaginative, fun ways of transforming their homes – check these out!

For Green Thumbs

This idea of using louvre doors to hold a variety of herbs in the garden is one that we didn’t consider, but we’ve fallen in love with it!

The slats in these doors mean that it’s easy to install small hooks, which can be perfect for hanging just about anything on them.

Plants just seem that much cuter – we’ll be trying this one out for our spring and summer garden updates!

Inspire Your-Shelf

How about this nifty idea, too? With white louvre doors having slats, it’s easy to remove smaller pieces or add to them.

This makes them perfect candidates for adapting them to be used as shelving units when given some extra attention.

We love the simple idea of using them with a weathered look as a bathroom shelving unit.

With the right finish to protect from damp, you’ll have a unit that will last.

Pine and White louvre doors in Glasgow

If that’s not enough to get you excited about investing in louvre doors, why not get in touch with us? We’re always thrilled to be able to talk about our products with customers and all of the DIY projects they have. If you’re part of the trade too we love to discuss offering our products in bulk for larger projects. No matter your reasons for getting in touch, we are here to help.

Visit our showroom in Glasgow or give us a call to find out more about our fantastic range of doors available.

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