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Our Favourite Room Designs This Year (So Far!)

2019 has been all about change. See our favourite design ideas and inspirations so far.

There’s always something new on the interior design scene for us to sink our teeth into and enjoy, and we know that others love to see what trends are up and coming too. 2019 has been a year of some incredible trends through the seasons, and with Winter fast approaching we can’t help but look back to some of our favourite trends of the year thus far. It’s been a good one!

Louvre Doors Are Here To Stay

A staple of any home, louvre doors have absolutely been in. They tie into just about any room with their ability to blend into most rooms. All it takes is a simple brush of paint to completely transform any door, but for louvre doors this means a whole world more. Use them to replace your current wardrobe doors, to cover up boiler houses or use as kitchen cupboard doors. They’re as versatile as you can get, used throughout the home for just about any function you can think of. 

Don’t need new doors or upgrades? What about some new shelving units in a more rustic, natural-wood themed room (that we know has risen in popularity this year)? Simply take two louvre doors and some shelves, and you can create a fully functional, natural wood shelving unit that you won’t find in stores. Perfect for the customised look that many of us are coming to enjoy. No matter what use you are looking to fulfil, at Shawfield Doors our natural pine and white louvre doors in Glasgow could be perfect for your home. Try them in your next design upgrade for a look that will carry right through into 2020 and beyond with your home.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

If you are looking for some brand new colour inspiration, take a look inside the jewellery box. Shades inspired by precious stones are all the rage this season and we absolutely agree that they are one of our favourite trends of the year.

These are the tones that set your home apart and really highlight the luxurious side of life. Even if we’re living in a little flat in Glasgow, introducing these colours feels like a touch of the high life. Tap into deep purples and silky-smooth blues and greens for colours that scream ‘bejewelled peacock’. 

This look is ideal as we carry ourselves into the Autumn-Winter months. Bringing darker colours indoors keeps the warmth inside those rooms, embracing the longer nights and making the most of those few hours of sunshine with their vibrancy when in sunlight.  This is for everyone who isn’t afraid to show off their plucky design feathers.

Smart Technology

We’ve all started to get more used to our smart technology in our homes, using devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Dot to make our lives that little bit easier. It seems that in interior design, more people are coming up with different ways to incorporate more than just these in their homes. Indeed, there are far more devices coming on to the design scene that we can’t help but love. More devices have become available to use at a distance from phones, and we didn’t know we needed them until now. (A kettle that you can set to boil for when you’re on the way home for a cup of tea right in the door? Genius.)

There are some important instances of smart technology being introduced into our homes too, notably in our energy consumption. Smart meters and thermostats are possibly the best introductions for any home, as not only are you bringing in pieces that fit in with the rest of your home (seriously, some have some great designs in many different shapes!) but you will be able to more easily monitor your home’s energy usage. Simply using an app to check your usage and work the thermostat to only turn on when you need it is impressive. We need one. Now.

Keeping It Natural

Funnily enough, right beside those designers who are choosing to focus a lot of their creativity around technology are those who have taken 2019 as their year to bring the outdoors in.

With a lot of emphasis on natural wood being used in furnishings and plant life coupled with splashes of gorgeous prints on the walls, there’s a lot of ways that you can bring nature into your home.

Switching to natural wood and having the odd plant to spruce up the home helps to break up any stale interior. We recommend tall plants in empty corners or beside tables, while tiny succulents are the perfect additions to most countertops.

You’d be amazed what a little plant life can do beside your wood-grain furniture. This is one trend we’ll be seeing well beyond the year.

Colourfully Creative Doors

Moving away from the usual flow of home design, we’ve noticed a real move towards colourful and creative doorways inside the home. Normally we are used to seeing more bold, bright, vibrant colours being used exclusively on front doors to our homes, but recently – before this year and throughout – there has been a great move towards bringing those colours into the home. The difference a colour other than white or natural woodgrain can make in the doorway can be staggering when done right.

Modern, bold colours are in – dark purples and black making doorways stand out against cool, lighter walls. Doors are a great focal point for the room and can be the ideal complement to modern furniture pieces that follow the same colour patterns.

Why not see where your new internal doors could take your room? You may be surprised!

New Internal Doors From Shawfield Doors

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