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Top Interior Design Trends for 2020

Happy New Year! Get your 2020 vision started with a look at the up-and-coming new interior design trends this year.

It’s a brand new decade – welcome to 2020! (Where has the time gone? Wasn’t 2007, like, three years ago?!) We still don’t quite know what to expect from this coming decade, but we do know how to get a head-start on all of the latest trends coming in the world of interior design. A new decade means a whole new batch of interesting trends to keep an eye out for. Will they become the next big thing? We and other experts in the interior design field believe so – but what do you think? We’d like to think our external and internal doors for sale will be part of any new design ideas you have this year, too!

Check out our predictions for the newest design trends set to come your way from this year’s design experts.

Eccentric Energy

Moving away from minimalism are the polar-opposite trends set to come your way throughout the year. Maximalism is a movement for those with brave and bold design choices in mind – and they could be just the inspiration you’ve been looking for to start giving your home the makeover it needs. Don’t be scared to take your designs to the next level or to think that you may have design choices in the room that could clash. That can be exactly the point!

The appeal of maximalism is that just about anything goes. From crocodile statues to zebra print clashing with leopard spots, it’s meant to be everything wacky and yet fantastic. That isn’t to say that you can just drop anything into a room and it will work – think of maximalism as a kind of organised chaos. Everything has its place; whether that be to set off another pattern or aspect of the room’s design, it has been added for a reason. 

What patterns can you think of that would suit your lounge? Would you be partial to neon stripes or black and white waves? The possibilities opened with maximalism are as endless as the ocean. Take a peek at some great creative examples for inspiration that’s out of this world.

Sustainable, Natural Material

Our shopping habits recently have started to change thanks to the hard work of environmental enthusiasts and activists everywhere. Many businesses are opening their eyes to more sustainable avenues for delivering their products to customers, and it’s thanks to them that we are beginning to see a lot of design trends this year turn away from plastics and other non-recyclable materials to those that we don’t need to worry quite so much about. If it can be reused, recycled, or otherwise looks natural, it fits in right to this category.

Bamboo products have started to become much more affordable and widely used thanks to these movements. From toothbrushes to furniture, bamboo wood is being seen far more often throughout the home. In general, wood is one of the few building materials we have that can be sustainably sourced. Check your products’ suppliers to see if the material they use is being used sustainably. You never know what you can find that is recycled, too.

Time To Texture

You may be thinking to yourself – how do I break the usual mould of my interior design? You can switch up the main colours of the walls without a fuss, pick up some new furniture, or even change the flooring – but what else can you do when your home doesn’t feel quite as ‘fresh’ as you may have expected? Turn to textures, your new best friend when it comes to creating a brand new look throughout every room of your home. It can be the simplest pieces that make the biggest difference.

Experimenting with textures placed around your rooms could be just the thing you are looking for to make a difference to any room’s aesthetic. Good ideas for adding more texture to your room include using cushions with various covers (think soft furs and velvets), new rugs to break up the look of plain hardwood, natural material among synthetics, and the addition of a few plants.

You’ll be amazed just how much your room can change with these few simple additions.

Make Room For Social Space

You might not think it, but creating more social space in the home can be much easier than you would expect! 

It’s no secret that there always seems to be a party in the kitchen when friends and family are invited, so why not make some small changes to your living space here to be more social-friendly? Hiding away some parts of rooms can actually prove to create a much more inviting space. We have been seeing this far more with the likes of kitchen spaces and with storage space in lounges.

Take this kitchen space for example – the cabinets have been built to give way to a space far bigger than first anticipated, and this also helps to house appliances that may otherwise not fit in elsewhere with the kitchen such as the microwave. Removing these creates more space on work surfaces for other items, or simply to de-clutter the room.

We love our social spaces to have more room to play with, and this is the ideal way to do it in 2020!

Colour Your Way

Big, bright, beautiful – it’s all up for grabs with this year’s colour trends. With a move away from monotonous, muted tones, you have a lot more freedom to play with all of the themes you would like!

Green is the hot colour of the 2020 season, and we are already seeing it being used in every room throughout the home this year. Any green goes – from lush forest hues to more subtle yellowing tones – there’s space in every room for a little more green paint and soft furnishing. If you aren’t quite sure which to choose, why not sample a few different variations to see which would work best for you?

Alongside a switch to softer minty hues, there has been a lift in pastels being used to accentuate and highlight areas of the home. If you plan to use much more bold or darker colours, for example, these would work extremely well when paired with smaller notes of pastels. But just how do you go about using highlights effectively? Simple!

Smaller ornaments and furnishings can make all the difference where highlighting is concerned. You may even invest in creating a softer tone on your internal doors to make these often-forgotten spaces available for some great colour potential that could set off the rest of your room exceptionally well. It’s all up to you.

Looking Forward With 2020 Vision

It’s impossible to know exactly which trends will work universally as we are all very different people with varied tastes. That much is a certainty, but we can all look ahead to the coming year with a renewed sense of intrigue for what could still be coming from the rest of this decade. 

Thinking back to the 2010s, we went through a number of stylish innovations and a move towards using smart technology in our homes. Maybe that will continue even further? Only time will tell where we end up – and we can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon. Onward to another decade of design!

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