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Maximalism: Bigger, Bolder, Better.

Where there is bland, there is bright.

Let’s face it – sometimes, ‘plain and simple’ design just doesn’t cut it. Simpler stylings work on a mass scale for most homes, but there are times where you might think: what if I went overboard? What if I tried a few more colours, more patterns, and just went all-out in my home’s design? You may find that others have considered the very same thing, and from the desire for more outlandish design has come a whole new movement.

Learn about maximalism, how to use it, and just what this spectacular design choice could spell for the magic of your own rooms.

What is Maximalism?

The simple answer is that maximalism is the opposing answer to the minimalism design movement. Where a minimalist-focused interior designer will work on keeping surfaces bare and clean of most patterns and conflicting colour schemes, maximalism thrives on it.

Some may deem it as ‘chaotic’, a mismatch of patterns and colours throughout a room with the deliberate action of making them clash for effect.

It’s all about clutter – with purpose!

Make Some Noise

Maximalism is, without question, king of beauty found in chaos. To be able to bring harmony in a room that would otherwise look ungodly in its clutter, a professional in maximalist design will draw upon various patterns, colours, and textures to create just the right amount of noise within a space.

How much is ‘the right amount’? How long is a piece of string? Depending upon the size of the room and the scope you have to work with – windows to leave bare, doorways, etc. – a room can have an almost unlimited amount of patterning to work with.

That is not to say you should not abide by certain rules – even where a more chaotic design is considered, the line between too much, and waaay too much, is relatively thin. You will want your room to remain functional despite clashing colours, leaving adequate space for essentials and free movement.

To Theme Or Not To Theme

That truly is the question – picking whether you want to go in all guns blazing, or follow a strict design pattern. Maximalism is about being more fun than if you were to follow a minimalist’s design path. You are free to choose colours and patterns and all kinds of textures, pulling your inspiration from anywhere you could imagine. If you are stuck for ideas, look to bold modern art. The bright colours and detailed pattern work may be just what you need to get started.

Starting simple is okay too with your themes. One of the simplest ways to work is to choose opposite colours on the colour wheel. Primary colours are a bold choice on their own, so varieties of blue, yellow, and red worked together in varying patterns can work a treat.

Consider other options such as the clash between blue and orange. What would a blue sofa look like with orange cushions, or vice versa? Or blue walls with an orange rug nearby? It doesn’t need to be immediately a large investment. These small steps into contrast and what would otherwise ‘clash’ can be just the stepping stone you need to explore further out of your comfort zone.

Maximalism is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure, but it can be great for anyone who wants it to be!

Maximalism Is Art

Speaking of artwork, maximalism can be considered as just that – a brand new way to appreciate, and create, works of art. Looking at rooms inspired by the movement, you can see just what we mean! Spaces that would be otherwise bland and drab, not unlike an empty canvas, explode with wonderful colours and patterns to create a visual feast for the eyes with tricks and turns in every corner. Plants, statues, artworks, carpets, and patterned cushions; everything that makes a maximalist’s dream room can come together to create one wonderful place that looks like art all on its own.

In saying that, you may also wish to consider prints as the focal theme for a room. Drawing attention to art has been important in design for years, and it is certainly able to be no different where maximalism is involved. Choose the boldest frames possible – flashy gold or mosaic or silver – and choose prints that really shine among your other chosen colours and patterns. You would be surprised just what it can do for your design dreams!

Start Small, Dream Big

Maximalism is unquestionably one of the most interesting and fun design movements to come around the interior design scene lately, and we are all for it! With how difficult times have been as of late, a little fun around us all may be just what we need to keep on going.

For smaller home improvements, look to us for guidance on your projects – with interior doors for sale in Glasgow and beyond, here at Shawfield Doors we know just what you are looking for.

See you in the next blog!

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