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Making Your Door Shopping Greener

The changing face of the internal & external door sales in Glasgow business for a brighter future.

Looking After Our Planet, One Door Sale At A Time

In honour of Earth Day last month on April 22nd, we thought we would take a moment to look back at one of the most important considerations we have made in our recent business practice choices, alongside our third-party suppliers: taking extra care of the planet for future generations to come. We are aware of the way that all of our decisions will have an impact on the world around us, and as such, we have started to develop greener practices to ensure that we have the same planet around for a much longer time.

How exactly have we started to reform the way we think about our business and those of our partners? Read on and see just what we are starting to invest in, and for a real look into what the future of Shawfield Doors and the wider industry may start to become. We, for one, can’t wait to see the possibilities!


Sustainably Sourced Materials

Where possible, we will always make an effort to ensure that we are using materials that have been sustainably sourced. This means that if it can be recycled or made from material that has been repurposed, we would like to use it! Not only this, but in our wider business – selling timber and decking supplies – we are starting to consider just what sorts of materials are used in the rest of our business areas.

Given that doors for sale in Glasgow from us and our suppliers are made from wood and various wood by-products, there is an importance that we start to look into ways to keep our business moving towards a greener outlook. That is why – where possible – we will always try to ensure that products are responsibly disposed of and recycled where possible. This includes our plastics, too, not just wood!


Recycling Office Materials

It may be something that can be overlooked in many businesses, but when you run through as many print cycles as we do when logging invoices and sending copies to our customers, we run through a fair number of ink cartridges! Finding a solution to their disposal has been a priority this year, and we have looked into ways of recycling these as we do other materials like common plastics and cardboard. You would be surprised just what can be done with the materials recycled from these – we were, too! Printer cartridges are one of those office supplies that many businesses will accumulate numerous boxes of once used, and with only around ‘15% of these being recycled from UK offices’ (Source, The Recycling Factory), there is no reason not to invest in making this number even greater. Watch this space for more updates on our office supplies! 

Transporting The Future Of Our Business

Getting our fantastic products to your door can be quite the task – in some cases, we have to use larger vehicles for large orders and long-range deliveries. You can imagine the amount of fuel that is involved in these journeys. That is why, where possible, we will strive to ensure we are using as little fuel as possible. If customers wish to pick up their order, we always welcome the option (when not within a pandemic, of course). This reduces the number of hands and vehicles involved, and makes for a far swifter transaction usually too! This typically applies to our in-house stock, but if you ever want to know more? Feel free to get in touch – any method of reducing carbon emissions is a-okay with us.

This thinking is being applied across the board with our other products. If we can source items closer to home, ideally in the mainland UK, then we will do our best to stock these products and save on international delivery. Of course with many of our doors this is more difficult, but smaller products from other businesses across the UK? Now we’re talking!


A Future For Everyone

There is still a lot of work for us – and others! – to do in order to get more green and reduce emissions. Recognising where we are lacking and where to improve is the crucial first step, and as we continue onward, we will strive even more to ensure that we are investing in all the right areas to make a better impact.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months!

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