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How To Add Value To Your Home

Hints and tips to make your home valuation soar.

There comes a time where we all have to move house. Whether it’s to somewhere bigger as the family grows, or downsizing to suit a new lifestyle, it happens to us all. While it’s an exciting time, there is something that comes to mind whenever we need to sell a home, and that is selling at the best price. There have to be ways to make sure you get more for your property, right? Correct!

With a few careful considerations and possible alterations around the home, you can find yourself with just the right improvements that will help to potentially increase the value of your home. 

Add Decking To Your Garden

If your property has a garden, you may be looking at a space that can have an incredible amount of untapped potential. A garden is already an attractive offering to anybody looking to buy your property, but a guaranteed way to improve its worth is to add in a decking area. It can be a more costly option depending on whether you decide to purchase a timber deck or composite, but the value it can add to a property is unmistakable.

If you can’t afford a decking area, why not look into paving slabs instead? These can be a viable alternative that cost less to install and can still give a garden a nice space in which to host barbecues, have parties, and the like. Giving attention to an empty garden space is a surefire way of getting your property noticed. Add some new flowers and even a planter or two and show just what your well-loved outdoor space can be for a new owner.

Improve Your Interior Doors

How the inside of your home looks can have a serious impact on the amount of value your home is given. If the interior looks a little aged and there are issues littered around like old doors, it can detract not only from viewers’ interest in continuing the visit or booking future viewings but can also devalue the property as a whole. So why not take a look at what you can improve that would be a weight off a new buyer’s mind?

Changing the internal doors of your property could be something that would be of interest if you are looking for a simpler way to add a little more value to your home. Doors can look dated and tired after years of wear and tear – freshening them up to not only have a new coat of paint, oil, or varnish but by adding some new, modern styles to the home could be just the improvement you are looking for.

Browse through Shawfield Doors’ wide range of external and internal doors for sale in Glasgow and you will be sure to find the doors that will make your home shine.

Extend Your Property

One that we can all agree is a point to build value on any property is to add a whole new space. This isn’t always possible, we know, but if it is something you were thinking of doing? It can vastly improve the value of a home.

The process of adding an extension can be done a number of ways – most commonly we see garage conversions or conservatories added to a house, or external walls being moved to add a little more space to a property.

Whatever your options are available, extending the amount of space your home has to play with could be an option that takes your property up a notch!

Remodel Kitchen And Bathroom

Adding value often means spending more, which is the major downside to home improvement for the sake of additional value, but we can all agree that once the deal is signed on the dotted line and your home is sold to its new buyer, it is worth all the hard work and hassle. One of the more costly routes to go down with home renovations is to remodel the bathroom(s) and/or kitchen, but you would be surprised just how much of a difference these can make.

One of the first things that new homeowners do is choose to replace a kitchen or bathroom suite if they look somewhat tired or dated. By having a more recent renovation of your own, your home picks up instant brownie points. Viewers are impressed by clean, new features – not those that are worse for wear. Think about a viewer making their visit and consider what you would want to see. A clean, pure white new shower and a gorgeous, shiny kitchen hob? We think so too!

Add Or Improve A Driveway

If you can gain the planning permission, adding a driveway to your property’s land can be a major bonus for value. We are always looking for spaces to place our cars, and if you live on a busy road, you will know the struggle of finding somewhere to park. Removing that hassle for a new homeowner is something that can’t be underestimated not only in giving them an incentive to buy, but adding more value to your property as a whole.

A lot of added value comes from additions that make it easier for new owners to enjoy your home. Think outside of the box for things like driveways, garages, even something like adding a new hose point to make it easier to wash a car or driveway can be great options. Ease of use and a clean, fresh look should always be at the forefront of your renovation decisions.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Think your home is looking a little tired? It could just be needing a slight re-design on the inside. That can be easily accomplished with new-season colours and fresh coats of paint throughout the home.

White and/or cream walls are typically good choices for rooms to give potential homeowners an idea of the potential of a room and give it a nice, bright atmosphere. This is particularly helpful in rooms that have more minimal lighting.

Be careful not to go too overboard with colours, patterns or textures on the walls. They may look pretty to you, but some designs can seem more difficult to work with for new homeowners. Focus on making the room look clean and inviting to ensure your valuation goes well.

Adapt For Autumn In Style

There’s a lot to do when selling your home, and at Shawfield Doors we want to make sure you get only the best quality materials. Whether you are looking to replace the external doors, want some new door oil for giving the interior a bit of sprucing up, or just some shiny new doorknobs, we’ve got you covered.

Browse our full range in store and online, or ask our helpful customer service team for all the advice you need to make your next doors purchase.

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