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Five Spooky Designs You Should Try This Halloween

Find some spook-tacular inspiration right here – no bones about it!

We love getting into the spirit of any season, and now that it’s the end of October, it’s finally time to get into everything ghosts and ghouls! Halloween is a great time to invest a little of your budget into making some decorations for the home that really bring you into the ‘spirit’ of the season. There are no hidden tricks with these ideas, just some great tips to give you the inspiration you’re looking for.

Whether it’s for a party or just to feel a little fun, here are five neat ideas for your home you should definitely try this Halloween.


If you’re really looking forward to Halloween, why not invest in something fun like an amazing countdown board? All it takes is a few small fencing boards, paint, decorations, and imagination to bring this idea to life. The chalkboard can be wiped clean every morning for the kids to write down the next day in the countdown. It’s like a giant advent calendar, but with more tricks than treats!

Downsize with a decorated chalkboard and some added decorations for a neat idea for the kids’ bedrooms to get them excited for Halloween.

Pumpkins are a great added touch, and can be carved into any shape you’d like closer to the big day. (We love those classic scary faces we carve with our families, all lit up with candles on Halloween night!)



Don’t Be Driven Batty!

Not everyone likes to go for the bright colours of purple and orange that traditionally go hand in hand with Halloween. If you are more of a fan of the monochromatic and would rather steer clear of all the glitter, sequins, and *shudder* fake blood, why not get some inspiration from this idea? Taking some of those plastic bats that you find in party shops around this time of year to stick to pale painted walls is a great way to decorate your lounge – and anywhere else in the home! – for this time of year.

Add in some extra details such as some pillows featuring your favourite spooky critters, a handmade scroll wall mount, and even some decorative autumn produce. All added together, it makes for a beautiful display that says ‘Halloween’ without being tacky.

Tricks And Treats For Everyone

There’s no mistaking that Halloween’s tradition of trick or treating is mostly for the kids. It’s the perfect way to bring everyone together with a bit of fun, and nothing really says Halloween more than the treats themselves!

Kids love being able to pick and choose what they’d like, and this is one of the coolest ideas for giving that fun selection for when treat time comes around.

Serve up some popcorn – a low-calorie alternative to the more sugary-sweet options out there – in some plastic cauldrons. You can typically find these in any party shop in October or in local supermarkets.

Add in a few extra details like the little spooky rat skeleton here, and you’ve got the recipe for a display that everyone including the kids will love to dip into.

(Plus, add a few little tricks such as some plastic worms and spiders around the table or even in the cauldrons to make for some even spookier scenes!)

Twisted Tales Of Old Favourites

We all love pumpkins – who doesn’t?

They’re a staple of the traditions we’ve come to know for Halloween – far removed from the turnips that were so often used way back when in Scotland!

They can however be quite a messy investment and not everyone is able to carve out the perfect design. With this in mind, we found this great alternative that really fits in with just about any party.

Painting a pumpkin may not be the first idea that comes to mind, but with this gorgeous pale blue, white and black theme, you not only feel the spooky nature of them, but they become a much more subtle decoration.

A little black glitter for the detail and their shape is about as ‘different’ as they get, and the adorable ghosts and critters will be a hit with the kids.

This is one we’re definitely going to be trying out at home!

Spooktacular Door Design

Let’s not forget one of the most important parts of the home when it comes to designing with Halloween in mind – the doors! Both your external and internal doors can do with a few monstrous additions 

Simply creating an area with black paper or fabric with some orange paint or paper ‘eyes’ and a surrounding of either tissue paper or old duvet sheets makes for one of the easiest designs we’ve ever replicated.

Spooky, simple, and so easy to use anywhere in the home. Do you decorate your internal doors too?

Why not think of some fun ways to cast some tricks on your plain white internal doors and see what you can come up with!

More Design Inspiration From Shawfield Doors

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