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Enjoy Craft Month Throughout March

Flex your creative muscles this month with a variety of craft ideas – from painting doors with the kids to making fab new creations!

There is no better time of year for getting involved with crafts than during Craft Month itself, March! With the weather looking more worse for wear, we turn to looking for more we can do at home to keep us and the kids entertained. That’s where crafts come in!

Easy to make and plan in both big and small spaces, crafts of all shapes and sizes are perfect for any family to get together and really make something special. Read through our helpful ideas for some fantastic rainy-day activities. Whether it’s for you or for others – have a blast this March!

Woodworking Crafts To Try

One of our favourite crafts is woodworking. There are so many different ways to use wood for crafts; from carving to construction. What is even better is that most of them are ideal for beginners, too!

With just a little know-how and some inspiration, you can get stuck right into woodworking and create fantastic pieces. Not sure where to get started? Take a look at some great examples for some unique inspiration.

Why not take some old timber boards and create your very own oversized garden dominoes set? With some simple sanding down of the edges, a little black paint, and just enough boards to cut a full set, you could have hours of fun with this great craft idea.

Simple, easy to make, and enjoy during the summer outdoors with the kids.

If those don’t appeal, why not take some wood boards and create little planters? Perfect for the garden or around the home and a natural addition to any living space. Green succulents and shrubs are all the rage in design this year, so why not add a few to your home?

You can piece together your planters in any way you like, though we would suggest that a mix of screws and glue would be the best option for crafting these pieces.

Fill with soil of your choice and decorative pebbles, and you have a beautiful new ornament for your home!

Getting The Family Involved

It’s always fun to get others involved in your favourite hobbies. Choose some more simple projects that require less work or a little more fun to get the rest of the family involved for some crafty fun. Family crafts can be anything from beginners’ activities to those fun, full days with a whole lot of smiles and paint!

Kids love to pick up a paintbrush and make a real mess. Painting can be a great way of introducing them to all of the different ways you get crafting and have a lot of fun. If areas of your home need a new coat of paint, why not get the kids involved? One of our favourites is investing in some colourful paint to decorate the kids’ bedroom doors. Not only is it a fun activity, but it also helps in the long run to teach the kids to respect not just their toys but the furnishings of the home too. 

Choose a design that is easy to follow and leaves a little room for mistakes here and there. They can be easily corrected. If you want to avoid the hassle of a complex pattern, why not choose a fun new colour and paint the whole door to freshen it up? As long as the paint is applied in one direction, the finish should look great and you’ll be able to look at it as a job well done together!

If you’re looking for brand new doors for a whole new look, check out our range of brand new internal doors for sale in Glasgow and online. We’re sure to have the right one for you!

Simple And Sweet Crafts

Of course when we think about fun crafts to get involved with, there are the tried and tested old favourites. From knitting to cross-stitch, card making to finger painting, there is a craft out there for everybody to get involved with. If you are new to trying out crafts, why not start with those that are simple and inexpensive?

A visit to a local craft store can be enlightening – really, it’s difficult for this author to walk through one without wanting to pick up everything in sight! All sorts of colourful textured fabrics, sequins, brushes, you name it. There is bound to be at least one craft that will really jump out at you if you give it a try.

If you are more professionally minded and are looking for something just that little bit different to springboard you into something new and exciting, take a look at the kinds of crafts you could get involved with that could even further your career.

March Into A New Hobby

Try out something new this March and you may find a brand new hobby! There is plenty to make and do out there, and you will be sure to find the hobby that calls out to you most.

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