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Easy DIY To Do With Family

Flex your creative muscles this month with a variety of craft ideas – from painting doors with the kids to making fab new creations!

With everyone staying home, it’s a great time to get involved with the kids on a variety of different projects that will keep all of you both entertained and feeling productive! Learning a new skill can be a fantastic way to spend your time, and when there’s a little less schoolwork to do, the kids may be looking for something more to pass their time with too.

That is where a variety of fun DIY projects you can do at home will come in handy. We believe that DIY projects are for everyone, for home improvement and just for fun, so get involved while there’s time to stay safe indoors.

Hands-On With Cardboard

Making the most of what we have lying around the house can not only be great for relieving a little boredom, it also helps to make use out of things we otherwise wouldn’t have much use for.

Something as simple as a cardboard box or two can become a great introduction for many into the world of arts, crafts, and DIY. Cardboard is a versatile material that is easy to cut, shape, and colour in with a variety of utensils. No matter the age range, there is a cardboard craft for you.

Some of our favourites involve gathering some different paints, scissors, and getting to work on making a cardboard box castle. This will need a few boxes, or you can improvise and make a miniature castle for the kids’ toys instead if you only have one!

Cutting out little windows and doorways, planning different ‘room’s, and painting the boxes in multiple colours can be a great way to pass the time that also gives the kids something fun to play with once everything is dry.

Cardboard can also be easily recycled, so once the fun ends and there’s no need for your craft, it can be very easily disposed of, including any scrap pieces that don’t quite make it to the final cut. Find other household objects like empty plastic bottles to make fun rocket ships too. Everything can become a creative DIY project!

Painting The Rooms Red

Not quite the white roses from Alice in Wonderland, but you can make a start on getting some painting done around your home! Whether this is giving the garden fences some much-needed TLC before the summer months roll in (and we hopefully all get back outside for some well-deserved garden parties), or simply wanting to make your rooms look a little more revived and refreshed, painting is one of the most relaxing DIY activities you can take part in.

Make painting a fun game by giving everyone a section of the room to paint, or try a fun game of noughts and crosses on the wall! You can easily paint over any mess made, so have fun while you make the house shine! With so many colours to choose from, you don’t have to stick to plain white – go for something exciting and adventurous!

If you find yourself needing some new internal doors to match your new paintwork, take a look at our full range and see if there are any that match your brand new interior design vision.

Feed The Birds (For Less Tuppence!)

Watching the same movie five times a day can get a little boring even for the most resilient parent – so why not try a fun little DIY project that will really get the kids looking to the natural world rather than the TV?

With a bit of know-how, together you can make a bird feeder to attach to your window. These can be made with just the right amount of bird-safe feed (peanuts are a favourite, including with any local squirrels!) and just about anything you can find!

Take an empty plastic bottle and cut a large hole in one side in the middle. Place your bird feed into the inside of the bottle, and use a wooden spoon to slide through the bottle from one side to the other to act as a perch. Use string to tie around the top of the bottle or loop through a smaller hole poked into the plastic, and your feeder is ready to go!

Loop somewhere near a window and watch together as nature comes to you. Make a game out of it by naming all the different types of birds you see!

If you are feeling extra creative, why not try making a wooden bird feeder from scratch? These are more robust and could be a more fun DIY task for you and the kids! There’s numerous plans for wooden bird feeders online – check and see if you can follow the instructions together and build the best little home for your local garden birds!

Don’t Stop The DIY!

We can all be tempted not to get too much done now we are indoors, but the benefit of being at home is that there is a whole lot we can all do to bring us together and have a lot more fun. Alongside family activities, why not see what else you can do with your home too? From exciting new internal doors to install to ordering in some gorgeous new decorations, there’s more to do at home than ever before.

Make the most of your time together and get on to your DIY fun!

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