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The Colours by XL finishing service

There’s the tried and tested favourites in every home: beautiful white-finish doors that shine as part of any decor and those warm, welcoming tones of natural wood-finish doors that rely on the gorgeous texture of the woodgrain to attract the eye. They’re the doors we are used to seeing most in our homes and they always stand the test of time.

However, there are many of us have thought of branching out to something a little more different; something new and exciting to help us stand out from the crowd. There’s plenty of options to make your front door pop, but what about the doors inside your home?

Professional Finishes

Introducing the exciting new service from XL Joinery: Colours by XL. It’s the simple and easy way to spruce up your rooms with a splash of vibrant colour. It is a professional service that gives your chosen internal doors only the most smooth and sleek finish that you’d expect from a professional joinery.

Small Changes, Big Differences

If you’re looking for something to change up the way your room looks, why not consider starting with your internal doors? You may be surprised just what a little splash of colour can do.

A Rainbow Of Possibilities

Think of your favourite colour and we’ve got it covered. From beautiful glacier white to vibrant fern green and a warm cinder grey, there’s colours to suit everyone’s tastes. Our handy colour guide can help you find just the colour that’s right for you. Need to know more? Just ask one of our experts and they’d be happy to help.


A crisp white that beautifully enhances any room. This white takes on a very subtle warm tint when in the light, giving it more depth of character to the purest white doors we know so well. Perfect for a subtle change.


A soft, yellow-toned cream that moves further away from the more traditional white tones we tend to see. With its softer appearance and glow of soft yellows, this door is perfect for bringing a little sunshine indoors.


A warm neutral colour that works well with most rooms looking for a little more warmth to their interior. Suited for rooms with natural woodwork, neutral colours, or as a more neutral backdrop for other focal points.


A magical robin’s egg blue that really shows its character in any room. Perfect for the show-stopping feature you’re looking for or to complement a room that features more greys and neutrals.


Not a fan of blue? Maybe your room is a plant-lover’s paradise? This gorgeous shade of green is perfect for setting off a vibrant mood. Bright and eye-catching, you’d be hard pressed not to find a more beautiful colour.


For the bold and the brave, the bright red Ember hue is perfect for those breath-stealing visits. Couple with darker walls in a room and watch the fire of inspiration burn bright with every glance.


Moody doesn’t have to mean bland. This soft, cool-toned grey is ideal for a room where your door wants to either blend into a lighter backdrop or stun against darker paintwork.


Not to be outdone, the fantastic slate grey is as timeless as its namesake. With warmer hues throughout, it holds its own in any room where it can truly shine.


Darker than slate but still boasting more warmth than similar shades. The ideal choice for those who like their darker room aesthetics but also like to leave wiggle room for something more adaptable than jet black.


As dark as the night sky in space, the Cosmos colour is ideal for some of the most striking contrasts when used in white or pastel rooms, or as the perfect door to blend in with a similarly coloured room.

Not a fan of the smooth finished look and prefer to keep it natural with your doors’ woodgrain on show, but still want a little variety? No problem! The Colours by XL service also provide some fantastic stains to achieve the look you desire.


Simple, light, and effective. The Blanco stain is perfect for lighter wood as a subtle hint of additional warmth.


Slightly more bold with a lean towards a darker brown while still maintaining a nice, light feel is Crema. This choice is ideal for a room that needs a splash of colour without it being too off-putting and in your face.


The Latte shade takes a lot of inspiration from most natural wood tones but goes the extra mile of adding much more vibrant warmth to the wood. It’s the perfect middle-ground of colour.


A rich, grey-toned stain that stays true to the natural wood grain while also lifting it away from the usual tones you find in natural wood finishes.


Dark just like its namesake coffee, the Americano tone is a stunning option for those wanting to go the extra mile and have their doors really stand out.

Saving You Time And Money

There’s more than just the benefit of a custom colour and a brighter tone in your room. With a door finished by XL Joinery, you don’t have to worry about the additional costs that come with finishing a door with the colours you want. Let XL Joinery take care of all of the labour associated with sanding and priming – all included in the cost. What’s more, you won’t need to take the time to do these finishing touches yourself, meaning all you have to do is wait for your perfect door to be delivered. 

It’s as easy as a few clicks or a chat with one of our experienced team members and you’ll be sitting back while we do all the hard work. Simple, effortless; that’s the process.


Your designs don’t need to stop with just one colour! Your newly finished door can work on its own, or it can be the perfect coloured canvas for other fine details you may wish to add. If it’s on your mind, let it show with your customisations to these fantastic doors. Every Colours by XL finish is smooth to the touch and by having a professional finish it means you won’t need to worry about peeling under the usual wear and tear of your home. There is another advantage to your door having a smooth finish too: it creates a fantastic surface for adding more paint, decals, and other artwork to.

You don’t have to add anything for your doors to stand out with these amazing colours, but you only need to glance at some other designers’ ideas to get ideas in mind that could make your room even more fun. How about taking a Severo Pre-finished White Internal Door to add a splash of Ember and paint on some details to look like a post box or red phone box? You could even choose Cosmos and add some beautiful stars or little rocket ships if you want! We’re not sure who’d love those more – us or the kids! Let your imagination soar with your new doors and Colours by XL.

How To Choose The Right Internal Door Colour

Now that you’ve seen the possibilities of the colours that are available through this service, you may feel a little overwhelmed by ideas. It’s important for you to consider the function you wish your doors to serve in each room. Not everyone wants their doors to be a focal point for visitors while others would prefer the door to stand out and be more bold than any other feature in the room. The choice is up to you and how you want your room to be viewed.

Rooms that have paintwork featured in all one colour could benefit from a door that has a much bolder colour. You could have splashes of blue throughout the decor that could be tied in with the Merlin blue paint option. This would bring the door out from the white backdrop and have it stand out while also tying together the rest of the room’s features. For more contrast, a darker room could benefit from having a door painted in a softer pastel; the Chantilly cream is a striking choice when used among darker greys and particularly against black.

Take care to consider the natural lighting of your rooms too. While a door may look a certain colour in a dim light, if it is in a much brighter room or even in direct sunlight this could change how the colour shows. Even the finish to the paintwork can make a difference; shinier finishes like glossy paint or varnish will naturally reflect light more than matte does. It’s worth keeping all of this in mind when choosing your door and colours, but if you find you have trouble, don’t fret to ask us before making your choice.

Trust The Experts

Shawfield Doors have over 40 years of experience within the timber industry and XL Joinery have been supplying their doors for over 25. With two experienced businesses behind your new door purchase, you can be sure that the door you choose will be one that is built to last and suitable for everything your home can throw at it.

Want to know more about our ranges? Check out all of our internal doors available or browse the full XL Joinery range available right here at Shawfield Doors, your Glasgow doors specialists. Contact us online, by phone, or in our amazing showroom for more information including full brochures. We’re all about our doors.

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