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Cleaning Tips Around The Home

Ways to keep your house sparkling and clean while staying safe at home.

At this time when we are all working together on the bigger things, we all have to do our part to keep one another safe. Starting by keeping yourself and your family safe is a great way to get on track. Here at Shawfield Doors, we wanted to share a few home tips that we’ve been following to keep those around us safe while also doing a little for our homes too!

Ready to take on your new challenges? Let’s go!

DIsinfect Door Handles & Surfaces

One of the first things you may look to do right now is disinfect your door handles more frequently. While we are all on top of washing our hands more frequently, reducing the risk of leaving harmful germs on surfaces we use frequently around the house, but what some may be less mindful of is getting a real handle – excuse the pun! – on cleaning up other surfaces around the house that are considered a little less. Take a cloth and your favourite cleaning product that is safe for use on the handle or door surface material you have (paint can be removed from some door panels if you are using too strong a cleaning fluid) to gently wipe surfaces clean every so often. We have been keeping up with a thorough clean at least twice a week in the evenings, but follow your own advice depending on how many people you live with. Just by yourself you may need less clean-ups, but with kids running around… That sure is a whole other story!

Thinking a little more outside of the box, turn more to the exterior of your home and areas that are still being used frequently. If you are continuing to get deliveries to your front door, you may also want to consider cleaning the doorbell and/or letterbox more often to provide more safety not just for you, but for the service workers continuing to provide your key services through this difficult time. Exterior door handles will also need a little TLC too for all those times you enter the house after your weekly shop too. The more we all work together on the little things that matter, the better we all will be when we see the end of this crisis.


Keep some anti-bacterial hand gel and moisturiser close to your door so you can have access to a quick disinfecting clean of your hands the moment you enter the house again.

Prevent Cracked Skin

In a time where many of us have switched to alcohol-based hand gels to kill harmful bacteria much more regularly than we did before, our skin can begin to suffer, and we need to take care of ourselves while we clean up our homes too. It’s not just about the house itself staying safe – but our own bodies as well.

Dry skin cracking is one of the easiest ways to open up wounds to bacteria and can cause infections if you are not careful. For those of us working with a lot of DIY projects, looking after our hands is vital for this!

Moisturise your hands every so often with a good-quality moisturiser to keep skin feeling soft and to prevent most cracks from occurring. If they do, try wearing a pair of gloves or use a plaster where possible to cover any wounds.

This will be a worst case scenario for anyone, but it is always best to prevent!

Be Proactive

While we are all trying to stave off some of the boredom of staying at home, we can sometimes slip into a tendency to be a little more lazy. ‘I’ll do it later’ sets in when we are presented with more fun things to do – but slipping out of a routine can actually be bad for you. Try to keep a routine for when you want to clean and stick to it. Not only will this help your home to stay looking great while you are indoors, but it will help to keep your head clear too. Your mental health is as important as your physical health, so keep on top of your new routines and help yourself feel better while stopping any harmful spreads of bacteria or mess from building up inside the home. The more we do, the less chances of spreading anything harmful there are.

Fix Up Home DIY Problems

Got something that looks like it could use a fix like a chipped door frame or a wonky hinge? Don’t fret – now is the perfect time to fix up those little things in the home that can make a long-term difference in keeping your home feeling more safe (and less annoying, in some cases). At Shawfield Doors and our parent website at Shawfield Timber, we are continuing to deliver our great products where possible to customers. We know that not only do we all have more time to dedicate to our homes, but it’s also important for us all to keep our living spaces functional and safe while more in use than ever. 

Don’t just keep up with the cleaning regime – you can find great ways to entertain yourself too simply by looking for some fixer-upper parts of the house. We’ve started in the garden and on our doors here – little things that will pay off to fix now. Why not see what you can start and get your home looking and feeling great to be in?

Stay Home and Stay Safe

We’re all doing our part at home and at work to keep ourselves active and safe. At Shawfield Doors we know how important this is, and we are here to hopefully provide any DIY supplies you need for the time being. We’ll get through this together.

Stay home and stay safe.

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