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2021’s Hottest Summer Interior DESIGN tRENDS

Summer is only just heating up in 2021!

It’s finally here – no, not restrictions easing yet. The sunshine! With how little of it we see up here in Glasgow, it’s really no wonder that we get so excited to see those glimpses of it for those couple of weeks out of the year. The sunshine can be rejuvenating for both your skin and your mind, and with a bit of extra energy and more sunlit hours in the day, it’s time to really start thinking about those trends coming into effect in the interior design circle.

Many design trends are thought of up to a year in advance to prepare products for the upcoming sales period. With that in mind, it is interesting to realise that many of the trends we will cover have been thought of while we have stayed locked-down with a dream of the next year being a more free one. Though that has not yet happened, maybe next year? (Or… Next?!)

Let’s look ahead instead of back, and take a peek at what the design experts are saying is ‘in’ this season.

Wooden’t You Believe It?

It’s official – this summer, it’s all about the warm, rich, natural tones of real wood that are the main buzz around the design circuit! For us, this is especially exciting, given that our business’ roots are in timber distribution. There really isn’t much that can beat the look and feel of real wood furniture, not to mention our range of wooden interior doors that truly shine in any room they are used in. If you are thinking of a bit of a change to your interior design, think about what you could add with a natural finish.

White-paint tables and chairs are great, but would they look better with the paint removed and a fine gloss added? Changes to your interior design needn’t be expensive – and this is just one of those suggestions that can work in a magnitude of ways.

Summer Beach Blues

There’s a lot of colours we tend to associate with summer, and alongside those driftwood-like additions, we are starting to see a real move towards bright, vibrant blue tones used throughout a room. Striking cobalt and deep ocean blue are two of the favourites this year, and for great reason.

As a primary colour, blue takes center stage within a room, and its range is exquisite. From warmer tones to cool variants, blue is as versatile a colour as they come. If you want to bring a little bit of the beach into the room, choosing blue paint, pillows, or even sofas, might be just the design alteration you are looking for to brighten the mood!

Here Comes The Sun

We have to admit – when the sun comes out, we go running to it! With how little it feels like we manage to see a bright and sunny day, why should you let your room stay in the dark on these warm summer days too? There is no doubt that the addition of wide windows has been something designers are paying more attention to this summer.

Thick curtains are being drawn back in favour of lighter material, with attention given to paler colours that will reflect light in a natural way in order to brighten up the space. We’d recommend thinking of adding internal doors with glass panels for that extra source of light that can lead either to or from the hallways.

More Natural Tones

Alongside wood furnishings, there has also been a significant movement for some designers this season to focus more on natural colours. This is rather more common as of late – and for good reason. Natural tones are very easy to mix and match together, with light tans and pale greys suited to most set-ups with white and some darker tones mixed in.

Adding in colourful accessories such as lampshades and pillows or other ornaments gain the attention they deserve with a neutral backdrop, creating a very customisable room. If it is the natural look you enjoy, this summer may be the best season for you to start opening up your mind to more design opportunities!

Get Ready For Summer With Us

Summer is a season that we can all look forward to. Whether it’s the sunshine, the holidays, or the good times to be had on those long, sunny weekends away from work computers, we all can appreciate this perfect time. With a little more time and light to work with, there truly is no better time to investigate further into 2021’s summer trends. 

For everything you need for your home’s internal doors, look no further than Shawfield Doors. We have plenty of doors in stock to make your summer dreams a reality. Let’s make this one to remember, everybody!

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