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A-door-able Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

From dinosaurs to space, we’ve got your themes covered.

We love the classic look of a solid white door, and we love our natural finished styles too. They’re everywhere for a reason, able to fit in with any home and suited to any aesthetic they are settled in to achieve.

Some people, however, have managed to set their doors in an environment that really sets them apart from the crowd. Decorating a child’s bedroom can be a fun and rewarding experience for both parent and child.

We’ve gathered up some of our favourite designs and doors that we think kids would find great for their room makeovers that make for some pretty fun ideas for the more grown-up kids, too.


Take a step back in time (no, not like Back to the Future, but hey that’s a good idea…) with some inspiration for a door that will really set the kids’ room apart. Dinosaurs are hugely popular among kids of all ages, meaning that a design incorporating them should be able to stand the test of time.

There’s no bones about it – some of these interior designs are just the kind we’d love to live in, too.

Choosing three blocks of green for the far wall gives a lot of depth of character and more colour to be able to tie in the decor to. Definitely a winner for the older kids who still love their scaled favourites!

For the more tiny-sauruses in your life, this cute idea for a height chart right beside their door could be a great choice.

(Giraffes are so 64 million years ago.)

A height chart is another really fun way to brighten up a younger child’s bedroom and give you and them a visible look at just how much they’ve grown.

For The Colourful Ones

A little sprinkle of fairy dust and unicorn magic goes a long way.

Though we don’t stock those – they’re in very short supply, you know! – there’s some great ideas out there for adding magical splashes of colour to a room just by changing the doors.

Rainbows don’t need to be saved for just the outdoors. You can create a sense of magical wonder by using plain white louvre doors and adding a few colourful coats of paint to really make these doors pop no matter where they’re being used.

They’d make a really exciting wardrobe door set in a room that screams ‘fun’ and all things rainbow.

Oceans Apart

There’s always one kid – big or small – who is obsessed with everything in the deep blue sea, and thankfully there’s a lot of inspiration to take from that! 

From more subtle nautical themes to all-out ocean inspiration filled with sharks and pirates, there’s a lot of inspiration to draw your own ideas from. 

Accessories in a room can help bring a theme to life. Luckily there’s a whole number of sea animal toys and prints out there that will not only be entertaining for the kids but pleasing for anyone taking a look at the design.

Our idea makes use of an amazing printed sea-creature wallpaper, tying together with green and grey. Painting the bedroom door in a soft grey would really tie this theme up nicely!

This idea is much more simple and great for those who prefer their theming to be more subtle.

Muted blues and greys really work well together, and the addition of blue fabric against the waves of the wallpaper really bring the theme together.

New Ideas For New Additions

Decorating for a new baby can be one of the most fun parts of waiting to become a parent. You can find so many amazing ideas, but which ones are right?

We love the more popular takes on soft, pastel colours dotted around the room accompanied by smaller designs on the walls.

A great example is using pastels and more muted colours to great effect in a small, cosy room. Soft rose gold, silver, and white really go well together in this room, and the plush toy animals bring it that softer feeling that’s nicely suited for a new baby’s nursery.

We wouldn’t have much to add to this one – sometimes a plain white door just works, and here is a good example of this.

Don’t Forget The Doorway

There’s plenty of room to play with the design inside any room, but don’t forget the doorways! You can transform any plain white or wood-finish door with a fresh coat of paint or even some decals. There’s so many ways you can make your rooms liven up with colour and design ideas in mind.

You can use any one of our fantastic white internal doors as a base for an amazing idea to design the kids’ bedrooms, or even your own. The possibilities are endless with your ideas and our products at Shawfield Doors.

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