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The Beginner’s Guide To Houseplants

The best choices for beginners and the ideal plants to make your interior design shine.

One of the most underrated interior design additions in the home is one that you may consider only keeping outside. 

Choosing The Right House Plants

Not every house plant is the same, and some do require a lot more care than others. It is important to do your research if wanting to invest in more than just a few plants. You’ll need to consider far more than simply ‘can I water it once in a while?’ (Though that in itself can be a tough task for some! Looking at myself and my not-too-green thumbs…).

Pay attention to these pointers when looking to get into house plants and their care.

  • Budget
    Keep in mind how much you want to spend, and don’t go past it. It can be a steady slope, trust us!
  • Time
    How much time can you dedicate to the care of your new green friends? Maintenance allowance is key in their care, much like any other living thing.
  • Space
    Some plants can grow and grow and grow! Check the species that you are looking at purchasing and be sure you can properly house them. You won’t want to end up caring for a plant that will swallow up the room if you were not looking for that!
  • Shared Accommodation
    Do you have children or pets in your home? Keep an eye on recommendations about some plants’ suitability for use in a family home if you are unsure they will be safe or not. Some plants can be toxic to certain animals, while others like cacti could be sore if touched by curious hands.

    That being said, plants are still one of the best organic ways to brighten up any home, and the majority of them are an attractive addition to a wide variety of rooms. From your kitchen’s windowsills to bedside tables, there is nowhere that a plant can’t thrive. Not sure where to get started? Let us help you with a few small ideas and tips to get yourself started on the road to your new hobby. If I can keep a few plants alive, I feel that anybody can – so here is the advice I would give to beginners to the plant-keeping hobby.

    Start With The Beginners’ Best Options

    Don’t dive right in if you are more inexperienced with your plant care. You could end up spending more of your hard-earned money on something that ends up being a lost cause. Plants are not always cheap, and though it may seem worthwhile when you see how they will grow to look, you need to take into account just how much time and effort you will need to put into their care. Unlike ornaments, plants can’t simply be left to fend for themselves and collect dust forever. A plant is an investment that will give back exactly what you put in. Avoid spending your money on plants that won’t last with your busy (or, in my honest case, forgetful) lifestyle.

    Easy To Leaf Alone

    Our top choice for anybody starting out with houseplants would be to begin with a selection of succulents and cacti. You likely know the sorts we are talking about, too. These little plants have gained a lot of popularity among younger audiences in recent years, and for good reason! These little plants are both aesthetically beautiful and extremely easy to care for.

    It is a well-known fact that cacti in particular love to be left to themselves for long periods of time, used to very little access to water and long periods in the sun. Leaving them to settle on brightly-lit windowsills and on dimmer desks to lighten up a workspace is the perfect choice for these plants.

    If there was ever a choice for the lazier plant owner, it would be these. We can’t recommend them enough when it comes to something that will make your home look and feel far nicer, but needs very minimal maintenance in the long term.

    Moving On Up

    If you are looking for the next step in your journey with your houseplants, why not look into plants that are just a little bigger than your succulents? Still easy for beginners to manage but looking a little more impressive are plants such as the spider plant. These sturdy additions to your home not only look fantastic, but they are another plant that does rather well with more minimal attention. Temperature and moisture levels changing now and then don’t affect them too much, and you won’t have to worry about too many issues with 

    What we also love about spider plants is that they are quite easy to propagate! Propagation is the means of using cuttings from a plant to grow more, effectively creating brand new plants. There is a fun sense of satisfaction in watching your cuttings grow into thriving new plants that you can gift to friends and family – or find more spaces for around your home. How you care for your plants is up to you!

    Additions That Won’t Break The Bank

    Not every house plant needs to be a budget-stealer. In fact, the majority of plants shared on ‘best for beginners’ lists are as inexpensive as they come! This tends to be because they are so popular with homeowners and plant lovers alike that production of them has increased, and with sure sales and a fantastic supply around, the initial cost has gone right down. What is even better, too, is that a number of stores have also started to supply a number of different accessories in which to rehome your plants at even better budget levels. No matter what look you want in your home, there is sure to be a solution. What more could beginners ask for?

    Consider lucky bamboo if you are looking for a plant that will look fantastic in your office with minimal effort and less strain on the bank. We personally love the look of them in glass vases to get a real appreciation for how easily they grow. They are also able to be grown and ‘shaped’ for a unique aesthetic all your own. Not a bad idea for a spring refresh around your computer screen!

    Hanging Out

    Something that we would recommend for any beginner to plants is investing in not only the best low-maintenance and low-budget plants, but also to look into reusable places in which to display your new plants. Hanging baskets are a favourite of many homeowners due to their simplicity and reusability. With so many available styles and with the idea open to a lot of interpretation, there’s a countless number of ways you can make hanging baskets part of your new home’s interior design.

    One of our favourite tricks we have spotted around is something that looks amazing on the internal doors of your home (which, of course, took our interest right away). If you have a set of coat hooks behind the door – or are thinking of installing them – why not consider using them as a set of hanging basket hooks? It might sound silly, but once you see it in practice, it does wonders to bring life to something that is so often overlooked in design.

    This example is proof that with the right attention to detail, any beginner could easily make design choices that would give their home a touch of something organic and unique.

    Choose What Is Right For You

    The best thing to keep in mind when starting out in any hobby is to choose only what fits with you and your lifestyle. There is no use investing in something that won’t make you happy, and that goes for introducing houseplants to your home too. If they don’t work out, remove them – if they do, carry on with your hobby and enjoy something different. Choose the houseplants that are right for you, invest in some great new ideas for your home, and feel better with your new hobby.

    Look out some great guides on plant care and get started on the road to your new hobby. For more about your favourite household tips and tricks from the Glasgow doors for sale experts, look no further than right here at Shawfield Doors.

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