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5 Interior Design Trends We Love this Autumn

Take a look at this season’s freshest styles.

Where has the year gone? One moment we’re excited for spring, the next we’re all the way through summer and dealing with the chill of autumn. Now we’re back indoors after a lot of fun in the sun, it’s time to look ahead to what to expect from the new season’s design trends.

This Autumn, the season of change, we’re seeing a lot of colours making their presence known in the design scene that can both make a striking change for the bold or smaller changes for the more subtle approach to design. There’s a lot of new possibilities this season to look out for. Let’s take a look at the latest trends that we can’t get enough of seeing.

1. Deep Blue Sea-son

The colour blue has always been one of our favourites, but this season it seems to be making a fierce comeback. Shades that have appeared to become particularly popular are dusk and peacock. This writer may be a little biased with blue being one of her favourite colours, but there’s something exciting about seeing blue used perfectly in any room’s design.

Pairing blue with greens, purples, and some natural shades really helps a room shine. This room positively screams peacock without being overpowering in its design. A new coat of bold matte paint on any wall could be the Autumn makeover look you might not have considered, but with the right decor, it could be a winner.

We recommend our white louvre doors in any room and these are easily able to be painted for that bright look you are looking for. There’s no winter blues here – only bold, brave class.

2. It’s All Natural

For those who aren’t looking for as much of a statement as the bold beautiful blue can be, why not join in with the latest trend – softer neutral tones. From soft colours that remind you of a coastal walk on a white sandy beach to those that add a little of that warming touch to a room, there’s plenty of options for going the neutral route,

Perfectly couple natural oyster tones of a set of sliding doors with the rest of the room’s interior design. We love when we see doors becoming a central focus of any design, and this one is no exception. It’s one of the nicest uses of the simplicity that is choosing a differently coloured door we’ve seen this season.

If you want to add a splash of colour without altering the walls, the doors could be the gateway to that change you want. 

For a similar effect, why not browse our range of XL Joinery internal doors? Most finished white doors are available in their colours range, able to be primed and finished in a range of amazing colours to suit your style!

3. Dark Kitchen Aesthetics

Most of us are used to the light, natural wood surfaces that are present in most kitchens. Solid white colours, too, are a popular choice. However this Autumn there is a clear trend towards the installation of new black kitchens.

Keeping the ceiling white opens up a depth of possibilities, drawing focus to the addition of bold new tone in the kitchen. Using wood finished with deep black helps ensure your kitchen pops.

Adding some of those natural tones here and there in your utensils and a plant or two helps bring to light how much more modern this style is with the throwbacks to older design and the outside world.

We can’t think of a better place to spend the evenings with friends!

4. Neutral Toned Oak

We’ve always been huge fans of the look of oak furniture and floors. Sturdy and made to last, oak is the ideal choice for many items from wardrobes to tables and chairs.

A number of doors in our range of interior doors we sell from Glasgow are also built from oak. We can’t get enough of it!

With this new Autumn season there has been a shift towards toned oak wood, achieved with coloured oils and lighter coats of paint for a beautiful finish.

This kitchen space really works with the theming of those softer greys, including the grey oak furniture and flooring. You can find our own fantastic wood flooring at Shawfield Timber for the best deals on new wooden flooring.

5. Tartan Trendsetting

There’s very few of us out there that don’t head out on an autumn walk without a gorgeous tartan patterned scarf to watch the red and orange leaves fall from the trees while the kids search for conkers. Autumn is all about keeping warm and cosy with the oncoming cold.

With that in mind, many of us turn to tartan for its fun break from the norm of the plain coloured world with all its associations with warmer clothing and heavier fabrics. (We also can’t help but love that little bit of a Scottish touch! Used correctly and tastefully, it can bring a room to life in this season.

A simple piece of tartan-upholstered furniture like this neutral seat really stands out. The clear lines of the tartan pattern break away from the soft, patternless walls, and the neutral colouring also ties in with this Autumn’s trends towards sandy colours. Two birds with one stone? We’re all in for Autumn with this look!

Adapt For Autumn In Style

There’s plenty of options out there for everyone this season. Don’t feel limited by any season’s trends – branch out, mix and match, and find your style that fits your home best. Have any examples of your recent projects that you think work with the newest trends this year? Let us know!

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