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10 Great Interior Design Ideas For Christmas 2019

Get set for this Christmas season with these essential interior design hints and tips for your home.

Not sure where to start with the Christmas decorations this year? It can be an intimidating task if you don’t quite having a starting point, and at Shawfield Timber we’ve been discussing the best interior design ideas and trends that we would love to use in our own homes this season. 

Every year we lean towards the traditional, but there is always room to make some little changes each year as trends lean this way and that. Adapting some of these ideas to be your own could be just the burst of inspiration that your home was needing. Take a look at 10 of our favourite interior design ideas for Christmas 2019 and see what others are doing with their homes for some fantastic inspiration.

Switch To Natural Timber Furnishings

Many of us lately have turned to using furniture made with metals, which can look beautiful in a modern home. However, there is something about timber furniture that holds a particular warmth that we can’t replicate with anything else and creates a wonderfully Alpine-like aesthetic.

There is nothing quite like timber, especially when treated with a great wood finish and left with its natural colouring. If you are looking for one of the bigger – and slightly more expensive – ways to change up the style of your home for Christmas, new timber furniture could be what you are looking for.

Pillow-Soft Comforts

If there’s anything that we love to have on our sofas, it’s the cuddly pillows that we can’t help but sink into after a long day at work.

Adding multiple pillows around the home, particularly on sofas, beds, and other chairs, would be the perfect way to accessorise any room – and create quite the tempting, comfortable lounge area.

The best part about most throw pillows in particular is that you can change the pillow covers at any time you would like, giving you an easy way to change the style of your room without the effort of buying a whole new pillow.

An effortless switch from Christmas themes to winter and spring is just a quick change away! (And if there are any spills from those very merry Christmas-time drinks or melted chocolate fingerprints, it comes in handy for easier washing too!)

Bringing The Outdoors Inside

During winter, we can all start to get a little sad looking out at the gloom without being able to go outside as often as we did in the summer. However, the best part of winter is that bringing a touch of the outdoors into your home can work to stave off those blues wonderfully! We can’t seem to get enough of little pieces of greenery and works made from branches and fake – but realistic – pine foliage.

Those that aim to look more like a nod to the outdoors help to bring a little of the outdoors into any room without having to get your toes freezing cold. They help to keep an outdoors feel without the pain of hoovering up pine needles from a real Christmas tree every morning…

Take a look at the amazing idea of capturing the outside world in a bauble – we’ve never seen anything like these before, and with an addition of a little glitter of fake snow inside, they could look even more festive! 

Rainbows Of Inspiration

If you have kids, you’ve likely already noticed a certain trend that refuses to budge. Unicorns and rainbows go hand in hand with many different designs, and for some they can prove to be a little much, but before you run away screaming, take a moment to think about some of these ideas either for your home or for your kids’ rooms.

You don’t need to go overboard with the decorations at Christmas, especially if you choose something more out of the box like rainbows as your theme. Something as subtle as a little extra decoration in a wider theme can be just as effective as a full-blown display, if not moreso.

Why not add a few smaller, rainbow-themed decorations here and there within a wider silver or pale-toned display to really set off those hints of colour and sparkles?

Festive Wreaths

Too often do we forget that it’s not only the furniture that needs to be brought up to speed with the seasons – and we forget even more often that our rooms are much more than just the furniture and walls.

The first area of the home that your guests will really see are your doorways – and the difference a few pieces of decoration can make could have your home sparking joy with every traverse into each room.

Decorating your front and back external doors is something we tend to do anyway – buying a beautiful wreath to welcome our friends and family into our homes – but what we can often forget are the internal doors in our homes too.

DIY Decorations

If you’ve ever been to a winter crafts fair, you’ll likely have seen a lot of handmade items that are crafted from an assortment of wood, glass, fake snow, and glitter. There’s something about buying an item that’s one of a kind which makes us unendingly happy. These are usually the places that we get much of our inspiration to create our own gorgeous decorations from too. If you’ve ever wondered what your Christmas decorations might be missing, why not visit your local craft stores or search around on Pinterest?

We’ve found hundreds of stunning trinkets and showstopping pieces that would look amazing in our homes that are either outwith our budget or don’t deliver to us. That being said, replicating and making your own decorations taking inspiration from other work (with credit where it’s due of course) could be the solution you’re looking for. With your very own one-of-a-kind decorations around your home at Christmas, you’ll have something truly unique to brag about when the extended family ask ‘where did you get that?’ Let the bragging commence.

Faux Fur Comforts

There’s really only one thing that makes a bundle of pillows look even more appealing to settle down against, and that’s the right cosy blanket. Nestling up in a blanket with a warm cup of tea among soft throw pillows during Christmas is one of the little things in life we can’t help but adore, but for an extra hint of style, why not choose a faux fur throw? You’ll not only have a comfortable blanket to keep you warm through the coldest evenings, but you’ll also have a blanket that really sets off a great aesthetic in your room. Perfect for anybody who loves a more alpine-inspired room for their Christmas decoration.

Getting comfortable has never looked so fashionable!

Shimmering Fairy Lights

Don’t forget the importance of light in your rooms, especially when it comes to interior design. Adding some extra brightness can work wonders to make any theme shine. Consider natural light sources for the daytime, and in the longer evenings opt for lighting that won’t be obnoxiously ‘in your face’.

Delicate fairy lights are the perfect choice for interior designs that want to highlight more subtlety, but still give that magical feeling that is given when using a whole set-up.

Alternative Christmas Ornaments

Using differently shaped ornaments from the traditional bauble has been on the rise in recent years, and this Christmas it could be the new little flair of adventure that your decorations have been waiting for. Alongside those looking to invest in using more alternative colours in designs, there are those that have made some less than conventional ornaments too! We’ve seen a rise in everything from dinosaurs to Mexican food – who doesn’t love to see a sparkly cactus hanging from their tree?! Take a peek at the varieties coming up for sale this year for some inspiration that is truly out there with wacky ideas that we can’t get enough of.

Red-y To Party

One of the hot colours this winter season is none other than a favourite of ours: red. Though we all love the traditional white, silver, and blue that the ice-cold season brings around, is there anything more exciting than deviating from the norm a little to attract some real interest to different areas of the home?

You don’t need to go overboard with your reds either – even just the odd hint here and there through decorations, pillows, or even blankets could be the small change your home was looking for this Christmas. 

Red does remind us of some particular Christmas characters too – what a way to make your ho-ho-home as jolly as possible!

Christmas Made Easy With Shawfield Timber

You don’t have to worry about your doors this Christmas – shopping at Shawfield Doors is the best way to find the products you need at competitive prices. Giving your home a winter refresh has never been easier. Looking for anything in particular? Feel free to get in touch with us directly either by phone, email, or by visiting our showroom. We’d be happy to help!

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